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How To Use The Sharing Economy To Go Local On The Road

How To Use The Sharing Economy To Go Local On The Road

The sharing economy is a hot topic topic in travel. According to Skift, while the sharing economy model has been around for awhile, recently the travel sector has really been affected by it. In a recent article, they state, “Trust […]


5 Ways To Enjoy Wildlife On Holiday – Without Harming Them

Wildlife tourism and visiting animal attractions on holiday is as popular as ever. Most Bucket Lists feature animal-related activities in their Top 20 – including swimming with dolphins, whale watching, having a photo with a tiger and so on. Unfortunately, […]

Children begging in India

Sympathetic to “Sympathy” Tourism? It’s Time To Set The Record Straight

We first learned about sympathy tourism this summer — and to put it bluntly, we’re not fans. To quote the author of the original post, Uncornered Market, sympathy tourism is defined as travel offered by organizations who “engage in earning money […]


Tips For An Interesting Museum Visit

Museums. For some people they lead to a feeling of anticipation while others picture an hour’s worth of yawns. Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no denying museums are treasure troves of interesting information that can give you insight into […]