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Photo courtesy of Le Portillon
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Traveling With Disabilities: Ultimate Research & Planning Guide

Awhile back, I went to Big Bear in Southern California for a leadership retreat. Before the trip, I asked the teacher who was coordinating the trip if the campsite was accessible for those traveling with disabilities. I require wheelchair accessibility, such as ramps, flat surfaces and accessible bathrooms. Her answer […]

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Flash photography. Photo courtesy of Bill Ebbesen.
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Behind The Lens: To Flash Or Not To Flash (Photography)

In my mind, I had always viewed flash as the devil, making photos look over exposed with unnatural looking light; however, after my last Photography II Class– taken at New York City’s PhotoUno Photography School — I learned flash can actually have many benefits for the professional photographer. Today Patricia, […]

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amalfi coast
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Epicure & Culture Launches Sustainable Amalfi Coast Tour

To many travel is about escaping reality. Here at Epicure & Culture, we’re  tweaking this notion. Instead of getting away, we’re making it easy for travelers to put themselves in someone else’s reality: the reality of a local. Newly launched in June 2014, Epicure & Culture — in partnership with […]

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See you elegant Rembrandt Lighting can be? Photo courtesy of BIPIN.
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Behind The Lens: How To Use Lighting For Composition And Storytelling In Photography

While in last week’s Photography II class — taught by New York City’s PhotoUno Photography School — we learned about how our cameras are calibrated to set the exposure meter to 13% gray, this week we’ll be taking things a step further and looking at metering modes to manipulate the […]

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This photographer manipulated his white balance to appear blueish. Photo courtesy of Pen Waggener.
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Behind The Lens: A Guide To Shooting Sharper Images, Fine Tuning Exposure And Setting Your Custom White Balance

“Hello. My name is Jessica and I am a travel and lifestyle photographer. Through this class I hope to learn how to take everyday objects and make them more compelling.” I’m at my first official PhotoUno photography class — aside for the private classes I took with the school, which […]

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