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Floating above the clouds. Photo courtesy of Jessica Festa.
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The Wheel Deal: Tips For Flying With A Disability

  Navigating an airport can be stressful for any traveler, but navigating an airport with a disability and not knowing what to expect can get your trip off to a rocky start. Here are some travel tips to help you navigate the airport, your luggage and the plane ride without […]

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Behind The Lens: Shooting Long Exposure Photos In Low Light Using Bulb Mode
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Behind The Lens: Shooting Long Exposure Photos In Low Light Using Bulb Mode

Today is the final class in my six-week PhotoUno Photography II course in New York City, and the focus is effectively using Bulb Mode and understanding the difference between shooting in RAW and JPEG. My instructor for the day isn’t Patricia but a woman named Romina, as I’m making the […]

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Photo courtesy of Le Portillon
Tasty DM / The Wheel Deal / Travel Tips

Traveling With Disabilities: Ultimate Research & Planning Guide

Awhile back, I went to Big Bear in Southern California for a leadership retreat. Before the trip, I asked the teacher who was coordinating the trip if the campsite was accessible for those traveling with disabilities. I require wheelchair accessibility, such as ramps, flat surfaces and accessible bathrooms. Her answer […]

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Flash photography. Photo courtesy of Bill Ebbesen.
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Behind The Lens: To Flash Or Not To Flash (Photography)

In my mind, I had always viewed flash as the devil, making photos look over exposed with unnatural looking light; however, after my last Photography II Class– taken at New York City’s PhotoUno Photography School — I learned flash can actually have many benefits for the professional photographer. Today Patricia, […]

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amalfi coast
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Epicure & Culture Launches Sustainable Amalfi Coast Tour

To many travel is about escaping reality. Here at Epicure & Culture, we’re  tweaking this notion. Instead of getting away, we’re making it easy for travelers to put themselves in someone else’s reality: the reality of a local. Newly launched in June 2014, Epicure & Culture — in partnership with […]

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