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#ProjectLoveNote: An Ode To Solo Female Travelers

To All Solo Female Travelers, You inspire me. Three years ago I had just returned from Guatemala, my eyes suddenly open to the rest of the world. Realizing I was no longer confined to the streets of my hometown, I felt desperate to explore the world, to immerse myself in […]

Delicious cheeses abound at the Temecula Valley Cheese Company. Photo courtesy of Yellowj via Shutterstock.
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California Culture: An Artisanal Afternoon In Old Town Temecula

It seems you can’t travel anywhere nowadays without seeing McDonald’s, Subway and Chick-fil-A. Recently, I was invited to a wedding in a place known not only for its homegrown wines and beers, but an Old Town where by law only artisan vendors are allowed to open storefronts: Temecula, California. In […]

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Photograph courtesy of Mythja via Shutterstock
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48 Hours On A Vineyard: 5 Things I Learned During Harvest Season

Sepia-toned movies like French Kiss, Sideways and A Good Year paint a romantic image of life on a vineyard. Who wouldn’t want to abandon beige office cubicles for sunny rows of grape vines? Or exchange suit pants for jeans? After a blissful five-day stay at Antigua Residencia, a lovely hostel […]

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Cascades National Park in Guatemala's Semuc Champey. Photo courtesy of soft_light via Shutterstock.
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#ProjectLoveNote: Guatemala, You Stole My Heart

To my beautiful Guatemala, You stole my heart. Three years ago when I stepped on a plane for the first time – when I stepped into an airport for the first time – I had no idea what to expect. Excited but nervous and surrounded by strangers, I was half […]

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Historic Schnoorviertel at sunset in Bremen, Germany. Photo courtesy of canadastock via Shutterstock.
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10 Important Lessons I Learned In Germany

Some trips offer more than just the chance to see the sights, but also valuable life lessons and insights into other cultures. On a recent trip through Germany where I focused on exploring Berlin Wall history, I experienced just this. For me, Germany’s rich history alone made it a truly […]

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