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Honeycomb. Photo courtesy of hisks.
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The Scary Truth About Commercial Honey (And How One Portland Producer Is Looking To Sweeten The Industry)

For those who are used to buying honey-filled bears from the supermarket, stop right now. According to Damian Magista, the founder and head beekeeper of Bee Local, a Portland Oregon-based raw honey company, commercial companies are typically not contributing to healthy hives or creating the good-for-you product you think you’re […]

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Color bento box from ---. Photo courtesy of Jessica Festa, taken with a Nokia Lumia Icon.
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Matcha, Bento And An 11th-Century Temple: A Cultural Walk In Uji, Japan

While Japan in General is known for its curative green tea culture, there is one place where the offerings are truly rich: Uji. Located in the Kyoto Prefecture, just on the outskirts of the city of Kyoto, Uji’s plains and hillsides grow green tea in abundance, while its streets offer […]

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Interesting Locals: Meet Melbourne’s Most Prolific Button Collector
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Interesting Locals: Meet Melbourne’s Most Prolific Button Collector

When exploring the city of Melbourne, walking down the hidden lanes and bright arcades, you’ll notice many unique stores and boutique shops. One particularly interesting space is located in the Cathedral Arcade on the 2nd floor, Buttonmania. Owned by local button collector Kate Boulton, the shop has over four million […]

Image via Rockmill Brewery
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Organic Beer, Cozy Cottages And Indigenous Storytelling: The Sustainable Guide To Hocking Hills, Ohio

Charming cottages. Homemade melt-in-your-mouth donuts. Freshly picked apples. Organic brews. These are just some of the things you’ll find in the sustainable community of Hocking Hills, Ohio. With its rich artisanal and outdoor culture, as well as its proximity to the Port Columbus International Airport, it’s the perfect getaway for […]

Inspiration In China: Tea Moments And Proper Tasting Guide
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Inspiration In China: Tea Moments And Proper Tasting Guide

During a recent trip to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, I was fortunate enough to meet many passionate local business owners with creative ideas. Chocolatiers and sorbet makers who source locally and organically, cereal artisans who created a product that is not only a healthy food but a survival […]