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Culture Enthusiast Jennifer Doré Dallas Tells Us How To Get Off The Tourist Trail In Southeast Asia
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Culture Enthusiast Jennifer Doré Dallas Tells Us How To Get Off The Tourist Trail In Southeast Asia

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia? Avid traveler and blogger at Moi, mes souliers Jennifer Doré Dallas of  tells us where to  eat like a local, ways to stay safe and how to get off the tourist trail to experience and have an authentic cultural experience in Southeast Asia. 1. Please […]

Lahmacun. Photo courtesy of Dominik Schwind.
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Adana, Turkey: A Mecca For Spicy Food Lovers

Located in Southern Turkey, Adana is one of the most agriculturally productive areas in the world. As such, history buffs can see remnants of ten ancient civilizations while visitors feast on fresh regional dishes. The city is situated on the beautiful Seyhan River, 30 kilometers (19 miles) inland from the […]

Prime rib garlic fried rice. Photo courtesy of arnold | inuyaki.
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An Ode To The Garlic Rice Of The Philippines

A simple dish, as the name suggests, garlic rice or sinangag is a version of rice that has won my heart as the best accompaniment to delicious seafood and vegetable dishes. The humble fried garlic that is usually then fried together with plain white rice can be eaten with stir […]

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Cambodia Beyond Angkor Wat: Meeting Tonle Sap’s Floating Community
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Cambodia Beyond Angkor Wat: Meeting Tonle Sap’s Floating Community

My undergraduate Asian Art class would have been more aptly named “Inspired Daydreaming.”  Sitting in the dark, listening to the comforting click of the old-school slide carousel projector, my imagination ran wild imagining the exotic locations that inspired paintings, sculptures and ancient architecture.  I was particularly seduced by Cambodia’s mighty […]

bali sunset
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Experiencing The Finer Side Of Bali’s Surfer’s Paradise

Is there anything you can’t experience in Bali? This Indonesian island is composed of distinct districts — all in fairly close proximity — each offering different experiences. While Ubud is the artsy area, Seminyak is known for its higher end lifestyle venues. Then there’s Nusa Dua, where families go, and […]

Indian spices. Photo courtesy of sara marlowe.
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Kolkata Cuisine: A Beginner’s Guide To Eating In India

India has a rich history when it comes to cuisine. Centuries ago explorers from distant lands sought the shores of India in search of an overwhelming host of pungent spices sure to send your taste buds dancing for joy or writhing in a blaze of fiery submission. Celebrated though the […]

Woman hand-roasting luwak beans. Photo courtesy of McKay Savage.
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Indonesian Coffee Culture: Drinking Cat-Poo-Chino In Bali

Bali, Indonesia. Prior to visiting, I pictured its white sand beaches as a haven for honeymooners and a hot spot for surfers.  While all of this exists on the southern end of the island, there are also areas where one can get away from the sunscreen-slathered tourists. This is what […]

Surfing. Photo courtesy of rappensuncle.
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Opening Ocean Doors Through Travel: Surf Tourism In Myanmar

Undisturbed beaches nestled against warm, turquoise Andaman Sea set a majestic scene. Combine this with genuinely friendly and kind-hearted locals smiling their way into a newfound democracy — as well as highly affordable beachfront drinks and accommodation — and you have the epitome of a dream sea, sand and surf […]

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The Legacy of Greek Wine, With A Turkish Twist

Despite its location, perched upon the slopes of a mountain in Anatolia, the village of Şirince isn’t Turkish. Nor, duly, are the traditions that sanctify its popularity. Its Greek identity is one of Turkey’s best-preserved and thriving examples of what happens when you swap whole populations because of conflicting religious […]

Walking down Marble Road toward downtown Ephesus.
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Ancient Mysteries: A Tour Back In Time At Ephesus In Turkey

Because of Turkey’s location and history of playing home to many ancient civilizations, it’s known as part of the Cradle of Culture. While Istanbul is full of ancient attractions — for example, the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, The Basilica Cistern and Rumeli Fortress — it only paints part of the picture. […]