Responsible Tourism: When Philanthropy Meets Luxury Travel

Responsible Tourism: When Philanthropy Meets Luxury Travel

Think that luxury travel can’t be responsible? Epicure & Culture caught up with Chris Hill, founder of Hands Up Holidays, to show travelers one model for philanthropic tourism that’s both ethical and allows you to stay in comfort zone. 1. […]

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A Local Tour Of Rio de Janeiro’s Lesser-Known Sites

Rio de Janiero. A city of sexy shenanigans, where a vigilant Cristo watches the sparkling sequins of samba shows and sweaty, barely-clothed beach-goers from above. As much as I love the sand and sun, when my local friend, Rogerio, offers […]


The World’s Best Wine Destinations You Haven’t Heard Of

We’ve all heard about — and probably tasted — French Chardonnay and California Pinot Noir, but the wine industry expands much further and high quality bottles can be found across the globe. New locations for viticulture are currently being developed […]

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Sustainable Farming In The Amazon Rainforest

Farming and agriculture are necessary to human survival. Unfortunately, many regions and countries struggle with a lack of supply to meet demand in these industries, with people choosing to abandon rural life in search of urban environments. That being said, […]