Pepian de Pollo

#FoodPorn: Pepian, Guatemala’s National Dish

When visiting Guatemala, no trip would be complete without sampling the country’s national dish: Pepian. You’ll find it on almost every traditional restaurant menu. This hearty stew features slow-cooked meats; vegetables like onion, tomato, Poblano pepper and chunks of potato; […]


#FoodPorn: Crunchy Bamba In Israel

In Israel, Bamba refers to one of the country’s most popular snacks. Sold since 1964, it’s a soft yet crunchy treat made of puffed corn flavored like peanuts, almost like a nutty Cheez Doodle. Additionally, it’s 100% Kosher. No trip […]

Bandeja Paisa

#FoodPorn: Traditional Bandeja Paisa In Colombia

Often touted as the national dish of Colombia, Bandeja Paisa consists of a mixture of foods on one plate: red beans and rice topped with a fried egg, avocado slices and plantain chips and enhanced with fried pork rind, grilled […]


#FoodPorn: Lake Placid’s Unusual Bone-In Filet

At KANU Restaurant in Lake Placid, Executive Chef David Haick enjoys serving creative cuisine not typically found in the area. His focus is on regional, foraged and farm-fresh ingredients blended together in innovative ways for unique flavors and textures. One […]

pappa al pomodoro

#FoodPorn: Pappa al Pomodoro

One of Tuscany’s most traditional dishes, Pappa al Pomodoro is a great example of the region’s peasant-style cooking philosophy that ensures nothing goes to waste. It also showcases Tuscany’s cuisine as always being simple yet delicious, making use of fresh, […]

South African township meal

#FoodPorn: A Typical Township Meal In Johannesburg, South Africa

Food is a major reason people love to visit South Africa. With access to a wide array of meats — including many exotic varieties like springbok, zebra and ostrich — as well as fresh produce and seafood, visitors can sample […]


#FoodPorn: Savory Peruvian Anticuchos

A typical dish in Peru and other Andean communities, anticuchos consist of grilled skewed meats — usually beef heart — often marinated in vinegar and spices like cumin, garlic and aji. It is usually served with boiled potato. To make […]