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Aperitivo with variety.  Photo courtesy of Anie Mendrick.
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Aperitivo: An Enviable Italian Ritual

If you ever find yourself in Russia, and someone offers you a glass of Vodka, you don’t turn it down. The same is true in Italy, when being served food, whether you’re hungry or not. Aperitivo: Drinks Paired with Food The freshly baked focaccia sits in front of me. Next […]

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Meditation And Travel Were Made For Each Other
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Meditation And Travel Were Made For Each Other

One of the main reasons I enjoy travel is it allows me to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges; however, I would be lying if I said stress didn’t creep up on me every now and then. For example, things like being overwhelmed by the […]

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Cambodia Beyond Angkor Wat: Meeting Tonle Sap’s Floating Community
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Cambodia Beyond Angkor Wat: Meeting Tonle Sap’s Floating Community

My undergraduate Asian Art class would have been more aptly named “Inspired Daydreaming.”  Sitting in the dark, listening to the comforting click of the old-school slide carousel projector, my imagination ran wild imagining the exotic locations that inspired paintings, sculptures and ancient architecture.  I was particularly seduced by Cambodia’s mighty […]

Photo courtesy of VinothChandar.
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Love And Travel: A Honeymoon For A Good Cause

Holding hands on white sand beaches. Decadent chocolates paired with bubbling Champagne. Luxury hotels and plush beds covered in rose petals. These are some of the images that come to mind when thinking about the perfect honeymoon. For some, however, the ritual for cementing their love with their life partner […]

Wine in Cinque Terre. Photo courtesy of Jessica Yaegar.
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How To Pair Hiking In The Cinque Terre With Aperitivo, Adventure And Local Culture

The smell of trofie pasta, topped with basil pesto kisses the Mediterranean air. Delizioso! The fast chit-chat of the local Italians tickles your ear. Ciao, Ciao! The brightly colored, pastel houses cling to the cliffs, overlooking the deep, blue sparkling sea. Bellissima! This is the land of the Cinque Terre. […]

A local teaching children to play music in Maboneng
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Maboneng: Johannesburg’s Hipster Hub

Hipster probably isn’t the first word you think of when you picture Johannesburg. While the city has a turbulent past that still affects the way people perceive it, Joburg is home to a number of neighborhoods with worthwhile offerings: Upscale shopping in Sandton, nightlife in Soweto, street art and heritage […]

Origins Centre, South Africa
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Africa: The Cradle Of Humankind

The ancient world. Typically, this term brings to mind places like Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Greece; however, many findings show the birthplace of civilization is actually Africa. During a visit to the Origins Centre (located on the University of Witwatrersand campus) in Johannesburg, I had my mind completely blown as I […]

Luxury Goes Organic: A Caviar You Can Feel Good About
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Luxury Goes Organic: A Caviar You Can Feel Good About

For all those who haven’t heard, caviar is okay to eat again. Actually, it’s more than okay, it’s sustainable and healthy, thanks to operations on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. While the Capsian and Black Seas once supplied all the world’s caviar, overfishing led to the downfall of fish farms that […]

Hotel Week NYC Brings Big Discounts To The Big Apple
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Hotel Week NYC Brings Big Discounts To The Big Apple

Visiting New York City can be tough on the wallet, but choose your travel time wisely and you can save a bundle. The third annual Hotel Week NYC™ runs January 3-12, 2014, with 30 hotels—some of which charge upwards of $500 a night–offering fixed rates of $100, $200 or $300 […]

See your hometown through a different view. Photo courtesy of Zephyrance.
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Total Immersion: How To Make Your Life More Like Travel

For many, it can be difficult getting time off from work to go travel. If you’re lucky you’ll get two weeks, although even those seem to be difficult to use with busy seasons and deadlines. Instead of being upset about your lack of time off, learn how to make your […]