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Epicure & Culture is currently seeking Editorial and Social Media Interns. Each intern will work closely with Jessica Festa, the editor of Epicure & Culture, for a better understanding of the digital media world, publishing and becoming an entrepreneur. While the publication is headquartered in New York City, telecommuters are also accepted, with meetings done via Skype.

Internship Details:

Editorial Internships: Editorial Interns will be expected to produce 1-2 articles per week, which will be workshopped with the editor to enhance your writing, interviewing and researching skills. You will have opportunities throughout the internship to work with and make contacts in the lifestyle industry when working on these stories. Interns will also learn how to legally-source beautiful high resolution imagery for articles, best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, pitching, how to create a business plan, helpful resources for creating an online magazine and what it takes to create a sustainable online magazine venture that generates income.

Interns will be added to Epicure & Culture’s Masthead and will have the opportunity to be syndicated by our content partners, including The Daily Meal, Business Insider, The Culture-Ist, Tripheros, Untapped Cities and We Blog the World.

Social Media Internships: Social Media Interns will learn the ins and outs of social media beyond simply sharing a post. Major focuses will be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and how to leverage these channels to bring traffic to the site through strategies, campaigns and engagement. If desired, Social Media Interns are welcome to workshop their writing for inclusion on Epicure & Culture, with possible syndication opportunities by our partners The Daily Meal, Business Insider, The Culture-Ist, Tripheros, Untapped Cities and We Blog the World. All Social Media Interns will be added to the Epicure & Culture Masthead.

Internship Compensation

These internships are unpaid, although course credit can be given if approved by your educational institution. Additionally, interns will have opportunities to attend events, receive products, review restaurants, tours and hotels, and accept press visits on behalf of the magazine.

Please remember you get out of the internship what you put into it. In the past we have had interns who could only commit here or there, which made working with the individuals challenging. Please only apply if you have at least five hours per week to commit.


If interested in an internship with Epicure & Culture, please fill out the below form. We will get back to you within a week if there is a fit.

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