Jessica Festa, Editor

Jessica Festa is the creator and editor of Epicure & Culture as well as Jessie on a Journey. She enjoys getting lost in new cities and having experiences you don’t read about in guidebooks. Some of her favorite travel experiences have been teaching English in Thailand, trekking her way through South America, backpacking Europe solo, road tripping through Australia and agritouring through Tuscany.

Daniela Frendo

Daniela Frendo, Assistant Editor

Daniela Frendo is a travel writer and photographer from Malta. No matter how often she travels, she keeps breaking out in cold sweats at boarding gates. She is terrified of flying, but willing to try out stomach-churning delicacies wherever she goes. Her trips aren’t complete without doing a bit of trekking, experiencing local culture and getting a souvenir t-shirt.

She has a degree in Communications and divides her time between teaching English and writing for different publications, including her own travel blog


Sky Fisher, Assistant Editor

Sky Fisher is a freelance writer and virtual assistant living in Costa Rica. She skipped college in favor of travel and hasn’t looked back since. Though she looks forward to exploring the rest of the world, her heart keeps her returning to Central America and she loves sharing the region with other travelers. Her favorite part of travel is meeting people and experiencing new cultures. She’s currently on a quest to learn about the indigenous cultures of Central America and become fluent in Spanish. You can follow her adventures on her blog, Sky vs World.

Regular Contributors

janet mowat

Janet Mowat

Janet Mowat is a Canadian writer and recovering academic, on a mission to reinvent herself after seven years in grad school. Her greatest joy lies in opening her heart to new experiences and new friends. She loves the outdoors, and her favorite travel experiences were her solo hikes around various European countries. You can read about her adventures at home and abroad on her blog.


Hamish McLaren

Hamish McLaren is an entrepreneur in Australia, where he blogs about vegan eating at Hamish Club. He became interested in veganism after learning about the meat industry and searching for a healthier way of eating. He decided to take the plunge and soon found himself hooked on this delicious new lifestyle. He began writing and sharing healthy vegan recipes to help others looking for an easy way to get started. Hamish is now a professional photographer in Australia, in addition to his other endeavors of academics and entrepreneurial achievement.

what's your dosha

Alexandra Samet

Alexandra Samet

Alexandra Samet is a writer, social media maven, yoga enthusiast and foodie. She loves to explore the unique restaurants New York City has to offer. To balance her love for food, she leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She practices yoga daily to find tranquility in the concrete jungle she calls home. Check out her blog, Hunger Hatha and Heels, and follow her adventures on Instagram (@hungerhathaandheels).


Michele Herrmann

Michele Herrmann splits her time between New England and New York City, and has gotten much better at packing light with her back and forth trips. She has jaunted across Europe and up, down and across the United States and even as far as the South Pacific. She’s grateful for being able to dispense travel stories and advice through media outlets and companies (as well as putting her BA in English to good use). Her blog She Is Going Places serves as her way to encourage others to get out and exploring!


Katie Foote

Katie Foote may be a physicist by trade but she travels the world any chance she can get. After four years of semi-nomadic life as she finished her PhD, she’s recently moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Despite beginning a more traditional life, she has insight on how to travel the world on a graduate student budget (cheap!), explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and authentically experiencing new places by connecting to locals. When she’s not doing physics or globe-trotting, she likes to swim, do yoga and hike (or “tramp” as they say in New Zealand). Check out Katie’s blog to follow her adventures around the world.

patti morrow

Patti Morrow

Patti Morrow is the founder and editor of Luggage and Lipstick – a travel blog for baby boomer women adventurers, author of the book Girls Go Solo: Tips for Women Traveling Alone, and freelance travel writer with bylines in over 30 publications, including The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, International Living Magazine, Travel Girl, CNN iReport, Epicure & Culture, and Ladies Home Journal.  She has traveled throughout most of the USA and around 50 countries and islands abroad, and was recently name by TripAdvisor as one of the “20 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers Having More Fun Than Millennials.”  Follow Patti on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Danielle de Bruin

A Caribbean girl at heart, Danielle grew up on the small island of Grenada before moving to the UK. Now based in Lima, Peru, she works in digital marketing and as a freelancer travel writer and blogger at She enjoys tasting her way through Peru’s amazing cuisine and traveling around the South American continent. Her favorite experiences so far were getting soaked by Iguazú waterfalls in Argentina, horseback riding with a gaucho in Uruguay and swimming in a glacier lake in Peru, but there’s still so much more to experience! You can also follow her food and travel tales on Instagram and Twitter.



Do you want to contribute to Epicure & Culture? Send an email to editorial (at) epicureandculture (dot) com with your pitch and we’ll get back to you if it’s a fit. While at this time we regret we cannot pay for articles, we can provide you with a photo, bio, links back to your blog and social media channels and ongoing promotion of your piece. You’re article may also end up syndicated on one of our partner networks for added publicity.

Some series/themes we’re always on the lookout for:

What is?: Tell us about an interesting cultural facet that many people may not have heard of. Make it something that when people see the title they’ll think, “Hmmm I wonder what that is?”. Some examples include “liming” in the Caribbean, “smorrebrod” in Denmark and “wagashi” in Japan.

Chef Profiles: Profile a chef who has an interesting story to tell. Maybe they’re spearheading a new culinary trend in their area, creating an experiential atmosphere for diners, participating in an interesting event or hold a unique title. Tell us.

Trip Journal: First-person dispatches from your travels that really allow the reader to feel like they’re there. Show us what you saw, smelled, tasted, felt and heard through vivid descriptions and beautiful photography, and help others have a unique travel experience through your writing.

Global Ethics: Bring light to an important issue and let others know how they can help. Some past stories have revolved around rhino poaching, long-neck villages in Thailand and slavery in the chocolate industry.

Interesting Locals: Have you met someone quirky, interesting or inspiring on your travels? We’d like to meet them, too. Let us know why you think this person would be a fit to be featured in a story solely on them.

Best Bites: Short guides highlighting some of the best culinary/drink experiences in a destination.

Curated Lists: Curated lists of amazing restaurants, hotels, tours and/or bars that revolve around a unique theme, for example, new yoga trips or food and fitness fusion safaris.

General Topic Pieces: Some general topics we love to cover include responsible tourism, culture, wine, beer, spirits, farming, voluntourism, ecotourism, sustainable travel, cheese, chocolate, coffee, tea, yoga and health/wellness trips.

These are just a few examples. If you have a story relating to food/drink, culture or responsible travel that doesn’t fit into one of these categories still feel free to send it over.