How To Use The Sharing Economy To Go Local On The Road

How To Use The Sharing Economy To Go Local On The Road

The sharing economy is a hot topic topic in travel. According to Skift, while the sharing economy model has been around for awhile, recently the travel sector has really been affected by it. In a recent article, they state, “Trust […]

climate change and wine

Climate Change And Wine: Should We Be Preparing For A “Grape-ocalypse”?

It’s no secret that our planet is warming at an alarming rate. Most studies on global warming focus on dangerous environmental changes, like drought and flooding, that threaten human communities (and rightly so). There is plenty of frightening information out […]

Pun Pun Organic Farm near Chang Mai, Thailand, combines local culture and farming with permaculture-inspired philosophy.

What Is Permaculture? (And How You Can Volunteer To Help Sustainable Agriculture)

Growing populations and shrinking resources strain the environment and stress its human inhabitants. Developed in 1978, permaculture aims to better prepare people for an uncertain future by embracing sustainable living. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, dining halls serve food […]

wine cork

Carrot, Dandelion And Maple: An Epicurious Guide To Lesser-Known Fruit Wines

Making over 4,500 varieties of the beverage, grapes are typically the staple ingredient in wine; however, if you’d like even more choices wine can also be made without any grapes at all. In fact, many cultures first created wines with […]

Hominy Grill, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Best Bites: The Vegetarian Issue

Southern soul food. For many, it is synonymous with butter cascading off pillowy biscuits, shrimp and grits drowning in cheese and salt, she-crab soup saturated with heavy cream, greasy fried chicken, fried okra and fried green tomatoes; however, the Charleston […]

hot chocolate

Unique Chocolate Experiences In New York City

For those with a sweet tooth wanting to explore beyond your everyday chocolate shops, New York City is home to quirky, innovative and experiential cocoa fare. Chocoholics can choose to explore NYC in a self-guided fashion or book a tour […]

Yoga with Tanzania Wellness Safari

Wellness Travel: Top Fourteen Yoga Fusion Retreats For 2014

New Years often comes with new resolutions. Get ready to stretch, flex and center yourself with this diverse collection of yoga fusion retreats, both domestic and international. As with any retreat, these getaways allow for a necessary and nourishing escape […]

loreto islands

Notes On Traveling Responsibly (And Looking Toward The Industry’s Future)

The week had been magical, kayaking among wild dolphins, pelicans and hermit crabs. The islands of Loreto had filled everyone with such joy, we could hardly express our gratitude. Each day had been full of adventure, hard work, fresh authentic […]

cured egg yolk black pudding

Food Trends: California Chefs Are Putting Decadent Spins On The Traditional Scotch Egg

The Scotch Egg is a classic dish, dating back to the Middle Ages in Britain, with the first recipe printed in 1806. While the meal usually features a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, covered with bread crumbs and […]