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Pun Pun Organic Farm near Chang Mai, Thailand, combines local culture and farming with permaculture-inspired philosophy.
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What Is Permaculture? (And How You Can Volunteer To Help Sustainable Agriculture)

Growing populations and shrinking resources strain the environment and stress its human inhabitants. Developed in 1978, permaculture aims to better prepare people for an uncertain future by embracing sustainable living. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, dining halls serve food grown in student-started gardens on campus. Volunteers re-build areas demolished […]

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Ukrainian Traditions: What Is Pysanky?
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Ukrainian Traditions: What Is Pysanky?

There are many festive cultural traditions in Ukraine. Easter is particularly interesting, with many rituals taking place for over a week around the holiday. It begins with the seven holy days of Lent. During this time meat and an additional individually selected item or self-indulging practice is given up. Following […]

Freshly Foraged: What Is New Nordic Cuisine?
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Freshly Foraged: What Is New Nordic Cuisine?

On a recent trip to Copenhagen I discovered a current trend in dining that is sweeping over the city: New Nordic Cuisine. The father of the food philosophy is legendary local chef and gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer. Meyer is a co-founder (along with Rene Redzepi) for the famous Restaurant Noma, […]

Smorrebrod. Photo courtesy of cyclonebill.
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Danish Traditions: What Is Smørrebrød?

It doesn’t get much more traditional in Danish culture than with smorrebrod (literally meaning “buttered bread”). Essentially an open-faced sandwich usually featuring rye sourdough bread, smorrebrod present different combinations of seafood, meat, vegetables and condiments, and are typically enjoyed with a cold local beer or snaps (aquavit). Try the “Shooting Star,” […]

Breadfruit. Photo courtesy of kamuelaboy.
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Tropical Flavors: What Is Breadfruit?

Breadfruit. The first time I heard about this tropical food I was confused. Was it sweet? Did it taste like a grain? Was it a sweetbread? Breadfruit is an extremely starchy fruit that is used as a vegetable with an almost potato-like taste. My first encounter came in Saint Lucia, […]