Aperitivo with variety.  Photo courtesy of Anie Mendrick.
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Aperitivo: An Enviable Italian Ritual

If you ever find yourself in Russia, and someone offers you a glass of Vodka, you don’t turn it down. The same is true in Italy, when being served food, whether you’re hungry or not. Aperitivo: Drinks Paired with Food The freshly baked focaccia sits in front of me. Next […]

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Charleston Best Bites: The Vegetarian Issue
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Charleston Best Bites: The Vegetarian Issue

Southern soul food. For many, it is synonymous with butter cascading off pillowy biscuits, shrimp and grits drowning in cheese and salt, she-crab soup saturated with heavy cream, greasy fried chicken, fried okra and fried green tomatoes; however, the Charleston culinary scene proves there’s more to good country cookin’ than […]

Traditional tools for making chocolate. Photo courtesy of ChocoMuseo Antigua.
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Sweet Guatemala: A Look At The Country’s Mayan Chocolate History And Modern Experiences

For travelers with a sweet tooth, Guatemala and its rich chocolate heritage allow for an indulgent trip. Especially in Antigua you’ll find no shortage of chocolate shops, cacao-laced postres (desserts) and even a chocolate museum. And while local pastry chefs put modern spins on the delicacy, chocolate is nothing new […]

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Ingredients of Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant and Bar in Raleigh NC. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor.
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Celebrating A Laotian American Identity At Bida Manda Restaurant In Raleigh, North Carolina

You know the movies about American high schools where everyone is comfortably cubby-holed into neatly organized cliques, hierarchically organized by commonplace definitions of what’s hot and what’s not until an exotic stranger arrives and turns everything upside down? That’s kind of what happened to the Raleigh restaurant scene when Bida […]

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Lamothe’s Sugar House: A Family-Owned Business Bringing Artisanal Maple Products To New England
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Lamothe’s Sugar House: A Family-Owned Business Bringing Artisanal Maple Products To New England

Sun reflects off just fallen snow, shining into my windows and melting me out of a deep slumber. The clock reads 7:42 am, too early to be awake on a non-work day, but too late to make it worth going back to sleep. After living in the South, getting out […]

cured egg yolk black pudding
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Food Trends: California Chefs Are Putting Decadent Spins On The Traditional Scotch Egg

The Scotch Egg is a classic dish, dating back to the Middle Ages in Britain, with the first recipe printed in 1806. While the meal usually features a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, covered with bread crumbs and fried, a new trend on the California food scene is […]

NYC Pastries Better Than The Cronut
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NYC Pastries Better Than The Cronut

In 2013, the media was saturated with coverage about New York’s most unique treat: The Cronut. However, just because a baked good is lesser-known doesn’t mean it isn’t innovative. In fact, there are a number of interesting pastries and desserts in NYC that many consider more ingenious — and more […]

Kilcoyne Bone-In Filet, a rare cut of meat designed exclusively for KANU Restaurant
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Rare Ingredients, Brown Gin And Unusual Pairings: A Food Revolution In Lake Placid, New York

Hearty meats. Carb-rich potatoes. Calorie-ladden dishes. This is what you typically find in U.S. mountain resort towns, where people eat to fuel up for a day of skiing, hiking high peaks and climbing frozen cascades, and restaurants try to cater to a range of palates at once. While still the […]

Sweet Meets Savory At NYC’s Baconery
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Sweet Meets Savory At NYC’s Baconery

While there are plenty of bakeries serving up delicious pastries and myriad restaurants frying bacon to perfection, what about when you mix the two together? Now you can have your bacon-infused cake and eat it, too, when you visit New York City’s Baconery. “Life is just better with bacon” is […]

Indian spices. Photo courtesy of sara marlowe.
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Kolkata Cuisine: A Beginner’s Guide To Eating In India

India has a rich history when it comes to cuisine. Centuries ago explorers from distant lands sought the shores of India in search of an overwhelming host of pungent spices sure to send your taste buds dancing for joy or writhing in a blaze of fiery submission. Celebrated though the […]