Raiatea: French Polynesia’s Sacred Island

“Raiatea is the sacred island,” explains Karine, the director of Raiatea Lodge Hotel. “It’s a very authentic island with a rich history and culture that is very different from the other French Polynesian islands.” We’re enjoying an artisanal breakfast at […]

Cultural Immersion: Becoming A Mikoshi Bearer In Japan

It is still very hot on this November day. Some of my friends living in Saitama, the large prefecture north of Tokyo, have invited me to come and visit them in their city of Kawaguchi for a matsuri, a Japanese […]

Steel Pan Drumming: Exploring Trinidad Through Music

The national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago is the steelpan, or steel drum. Crafted from oil drums — although many of these drums never contained oil — these instruments are not actually drums in the membranophone sense, but are steel […]


Artisans Unite: Exploring Local Art At Scenic Way In Hocking Hills, Ohio

The close-knit community of Hocking Hills is very sustainable, with restaurants promoting local ingredients, naturalist guides teaching the importance of ecology, accommodations made of recycled materials and tasty, organic beers. Locals in Hocking Hills work together to promote an ethical […]