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Matcha, Bento And An 11th-Century Temple: A Cultural Walk In Uji, Japan

While Japan in General is known for its curative green tea culture, there is one place where the offerings are truly rich: Uji. Located in the Kyoto Prefecture, just on the outskirts of the city of Kyoto, Uji’s plains and […]

Tin Nu Breathing, Ishigaki Pork And Shiisas: Experiencing Traditional Culture On Okinawa’s Taketomi Island

“We create a culture here based on traditions while coexisting with nature,” explains Kyoko, the marketing representative for HOSHINOYA Resorts, which includes the property we’re currently touring, HOSHINOYA Okinawa. “The design of the property is based on the traditions and […]

Cultural Immersion: Becoming A Mikoshi Bearer In Japan

It is still very hot on this November day. Some of my friends living in Saitama, the large prefecture north of Tokyo, have invited me to come and visit them in their city of Kawaguchi for a matsuri, a Japanese […]


A Photo Guide To Okinawa’s Innovative Ryukyu Nouvelle Cuisine

A cuisine created by HOSHINOYA Okinawa on Taketomi Island in Japan, Ryukyu Nouvelle is an innovative style of Okinawan food based on French cuisine. The recipes are based on local ingredients prepared using French cooking techniques, putting a never-before-seen twist […]

Traveling The Roads Of The Japanese Teas

Traveling The Roads Of The Japanese Teas

I have often followed the roads of tea during my stays in Japan. My first visit was in Shizuoka, Japan’s main tea production and transformation area — 70% of Japanese teas are processed in Shizuoka — beautifully settled around Mount […]

Tasting Tradition: An Epicurious Guide To Okinawa, Japan

While many people think of Japanese cuisine as being one large group of dishes, the ingredients used and meals eaten often vary by region. The Okinawa Prefecture is Japan‘s southernmost prefecture, composed of hundreds of islands and showcasing a culture, […]