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Looking for restaurants serving delicious vegan food in Denver?

As Denver is becoming more popular among travelers, its restaurant landscape buoyed by the burgeoning sustainability movement is starting to change.

Once dominated by the traditional meat-and-potato establishments, the city has seen a fair share of vegan eateries open their doors in recent years and quickly win over the hearts of customers.

But that’s just the beginning.

As the clientele is getting more educated about how food is made, many restaurants are trying to further diversify their menus and offer more conscious options to their patrons.

While a growing number of restaurants are trying to spruce up their menus with “green options,” vegan restaurants in Denver are still outnumbered by the traditional ones; however, the city is already earning recognition for its efforts in bringing meat- and dairy-free options to its residents and visitors.

Denver has a lot more vegan restaurants than your eye may initially notice, so if you plan to visit the Mile High City, here is a list of some of the best plant-based restaurants that you should visit.

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vegan food in denver
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Best Restaurants For Vegan Food In Denver

 Vegan Food In Denver
Stock photo via Einladung_zum_Essen/Pixabay

1. Watercourse Foods

Denver’s original vegan restaurant that opened in 1998 when it was half-vegetarian, Watercourse Foods sits just a few blocks north of Colfax Avenue in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood.

This fully vegan restaurant offers a good selection of comfort American dishes — don’t miss the seitan wings — in addition to the international ones.

Watercourse Foods serves all-day breakfast and also has some delicious desserts on its menu such as seasonal cheesecake and chocolate cake made out of dates and toasted pecans. 


Don’t miss happy hour to sample their vegan cocktails, beers, and wines at a discount. 

 Vegan Food In Denver city o' city restaurant
Coconut curry noodles at City O’City in Denver. Photo by D. Fritz @River and Root Photography

2. City, O’City

Who said that you need to stop eating your favorite pancakes and waffles to become a vegan?

Located in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, this restaurant — which shares the same ownership as the previously-mentioned WaterCourse Restaurant — serves up tempeh- and tofu-based meals that draw inspiration from Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

Think waffles, all sorts of brunch items, burritos, and burgers all made vegan.

Additionally, City O’City offers a variety of brews, because after all, Denver is known for its vibrant beer scene, home to over 145 breweries. 

This vegan restaurant is a great place to explore Denver food and culture, especially as they showcase rotating local artists in the space.

City, O’City is open from 8am to 11pm daily, so you have all day to try their delicious options.

 Vegan Food In Denver veggie burger
Stock photo via lysindamond/Pixabay.

3. Meta Burger

Craving a traditional burger with fries?

Meta Burger has a solution!

This plant-based burger joint puts a healthy spin on your classic American fast food. To make their burgers, they use soy ground beef from Hungry Planet, which they turn into patties and season in-house. 

Meta Burger opened in 2018, however, it has already earned much recognition and praise from happy customers.

The menu at Meta Burger features some of the best vegan food in Denver. For instance, the Island Burger features vegan bacon, pineapple, mahalo cream cheese, and pickled red onions, while the Omega Burger comes with bacon-onion jam, hash brown patty, sliced cheese, and vegetables. 

Then there is the Flatiron Burger made with flatiron steak sauce, grilled mushrooms, and vegan gouda cheese.

The restaurant has two locations — one at 7950 East Mississippi Avenue and another one at the Edgewater Public Market at 5505 West 20th Avenue just northwest of downtown Denver. 

Vegan Food In Denver
Stock photo via M4rtine/Pixabay.

4. Superfood Bar

Looking for Denver restaurants focused on nutrition?

A new kid on the block, Superfood Bar is a vegan restaurant located in the Lower District of Denver also popularly known as LoDo.

It’s a perfect option for health-conscious eaters as the menu is comprised of nutritious smoothies, cold-press juices, fresh salads and wraps made out of black bean patties, kale, and other protein-rich greens.

One fan favorite is the Chocolate Coconut Milkshake made with cacao, dry coconut, young Thai coconut, coconut water, coconut oil, date, and sea salt — all topped with coconut flakes for a bit of crunch.

It’s a great place to check out if you need to grab a healthy meal while you are on the go.

Vegan Food In Denver plant-based dessert
Stock photo via ponce_photography/Pixabay

5. Somebody People

Located along South Broadway, Somebody People is another new addition to Denver’s thriving vegan food scene.

Its menu is entirely plant-based and the food at this restaurant is superb. From the classic avocado toast to fettuccine served with mushroom bolognese, kale, and rosemary, this place is a true heaven for plant-based eaters.


Finish off your meal with a rich chocolate mousse and cannoli filled with almond ricotta for a heavenly treat.

The owners of Somebody People hail from Australia, so you’ll also find classics from Down Under on the menu such as a vegan take on the traditional Pavlova. It showcases passion fruit mousse, cashew-based cream reminiscent of traditional whipped cream, and slices of strawberries. You should also try the bircher muesli made out of traditional soaked oats and fruits.

Eco-friendly bonus:

Somebody People takes its zero-waste initiative to a whole new level by not offering disposable packaging and encouraging its patrons to bring their own takeaway containers. That being said, if you don’t have one, the eatery has metal tins available for purchase.

Definitely add this to your list of places to visit in Denver.

Vegan Food In Denver vital root
Plant-based options at Vital Root in Denver. Photo provided by Samantha Alviani.

6. Vital Root

Vital Root is a well-established vegan restaurant in Denver known as one of the city’s best places for vegan food.

Their expansive menu features nutrient-rich ingredients for their delicious meals that are served in an eclectic setting for a memorable vegan brunch, dinner, or simply a plant-based meal to-go. 

Some of the popular items on the menu include green tofu scramble made of butternut squash, crimini, shiitake “bacon,” braised rainbow chard, citrus carrot puree, and sprouts; or Korean stirfry made from mung beans, brown rice, shiitake, cashews, and tamari ginger sauce.

If you are looking for a more “classic” option, order falafel wrap made with fava bean falafel, tzatziki, tehina, and veggies. 

Craving sweets?

Vital Root prides itself on using coconut and maple sweeteners instead of regular sugars.

 Vegan Food In Denver Radha Govinda
Baked Goods at Radha Govinda in Denver. Photo provided by Walker Atkinson

7. Radha Govinda

One of the long-time staples in Denver’s plant-based restaurant scene, Radha Govinda is a colorful restaurant that offers a wide assortment of meals from cuisines from around the world, although the majority of the meals here are Indian inspired.

This eatery prides itself on creating a caring environment for its customers and staff and uses ingredients from its garden and local organic farms.

Since Radha Govinda rotates its buffet menu daily, you will never feel bored eating the same meal! If you want to know what the options are on any given day, simply check the menu on the restaurant’s website.

The restaurant’s tagline is “Fuel for the soul,” as Radha Govinda makes sure that its guests leave not only with full bellies but also with full hearts. Its interior features a cozy atmosphere and is designed from natural materials with plenty of light and green plants, so for a moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped on an island!

And on a balmy day, visitors can also enjoy an outdoor patio.

 Vegan Food In Denver Bang Up to The Elephant
Bang Up to the Elephant serves Calypso-inspired cuisine with clean, fresh ingredients. Photo provided by Kevin Delk

8. Bang Up To The Elephant

If you are in the mood for Caribbean-inspired food, visit Bang Up To The Elephant, a funky casual dining place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood that’s great for groups as well as solo travelers to Denver, particularly thanks to the communal seating options. 

While it is not an entirely vegan restaurant, there are plenty of Calypso-inspired vegan options such as Seitan Cubano, Chana and Coconut Curry on its menu made from jackfruit, seitan, and other plant-based alternatives.

Still hungry?

Try their delicious coconut bread baked with golden raisins and toasted coconut.

 Vegan Food In Denver Corner Beet
The Capitol Toast. Photo via Corner Beet in Denver.

9. The Corner Beet

If you are looking for a quick bite and some cold-pressed juice, pop into The Corner Beet, an inconspicuous eatery in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Here you can pair a glass of delicious juice with a bowl of fresh salad, a burrito, or a toast — like the avocado toast drizzled with honey and sprinkled with black and red pepper. Add egg or goat cheese for the perfect plate.

Whether you need a post-workout recharge or just want a quick delicious brunch, the Corner Beet is a perfect spot for a quick, inexpensive vegan meal.

Vegan food in Denver is delicious. Stock photo via Valeria Boltneva/Pexels.

A Few Final Words On Eating Vegan In Denver

Not everybody comes to Denver looking for vegan food options, and yet vegan eateries have become one of the hottest trends in this city’s restaurant scene.

The city’s vegan food scene has become pretty big over the last couple of years, and many plant-based eateries have gained loyal fans among residents and visitors. 

And there is a good reason behind this trend:

Aside from numerous health benefits of eliminating animal products from your diet, many consumers are well aware of the fact that avoiding meat and dairy is the single greatest way to reduce greenhouse emissions. 

According to the article published in the Guardian, the impact of deforestation that’s required to make way for livestock — along with methane emissions from cows and fertilizer use — creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all the world’s cars, trucks, and airplanes combined.

Further consumption of meat can have devastating impacts on various animal species as well as contribute to the pollution of rivers, streams and as a greater consequence, the oceans, according to the article.

That’s why considering the impact of your dietary choices is so important. And while it might seem like your individual steps don’t amount to much help to the environment, over time, they add up! 

Whether you’re looking to try something new, or you simply stick to a vegan diet while traveling, you won’t regret checking out one of the vegan restaurants in Denver mentioned above!

What are your favorite restaurants for vegan food in Denver?

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