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Sommelier Certification: Exploring The Delicious World Of Italian Wine

“Do you know what Italians do when they eat? They drink wine. Do you know what Italians do when they drink wine? They eat. It goes hand in hand.” We’re into the Italy portion of my sommelier certification course with […]


Making Friends Over Food In Riomaggiore, Italy

“Hurry! Turn off the stove!” Dan, a Toronto, Canada, native, shouts as boiling water begins overflowing from the pot. I have never cooked before but am determined to create a delicious, authentic Italian meal here in Riomaggiore, Italy. We lower […]

Dining Solo: Unexpected Experiences And Delicious Food Await You

Dining Solo: Unexpected Experiences And Delicious Food Await You

Solo female travel can be daunting in and of itself. Couple that with the thought of eating alone in a foreign country, and some would simply not do it. But as they say, life begins at the end of your […]


Sciacchetrà Wine: A Sweet Tradition In Cinque Terre, Italy

A sweet wine produced in the hills of Cinque Terre, Italy, Sciacchetrà is typically paired with desserts or cheese. Central to the identity of this region, families have been passing down this winemaking tradition for generations. In order to appreciate […]


How To Pair Hiking In The Cinque Terre With Aperitivo, Adventure And Local Culture

The smell of trofie pasta, topped with basil pesto kisses the Mediterranean air. Delizioso! The fast chit-chat of the local Italians tickles your ear. Ciao, Ciao! The brightly colored, pastel houses cling to the cliffs, overlooking the deep, blue sparkling […]