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Fusion Safaris: Top 12 Fitness And Food Vacations For 2015

Food loving travelers, rejoice! If you want a guilt-free way to enjoy the best wines, seafood and regional cuisine around the world, choose from these food-fitness safaris, active trips that will have you burning calories without even realizing it. In […]


Middle Eastern Travel: 10 Surprising Discoveries On A Journey Through Jordan

To date, Jordan has been one of the most surprising destinations I’ve visited. I’ll admit before going my opinion of the country was clouded somewhat by typical Middle Eastern stereotypes; however, these were quickly shattered as I met the locals […]

Middle East Travel: Diverse Offerings And Unique Experiences In Jordan

“You might like our ‘Lychee Mac.’ It’s made with whiskey, fresh lime juice, ginger ale and real lychee.” I’m currently sitting at a swanky rooftop lounge in Amman, Jordan, ordering cocktails and listening to Maroon 5 blast from the speakers. […]

Bedouin Hospitality: Immersing Myself In Jordan’s Bedouin Culture

Indigenous culture is often a curiosity for outsiders, one we often want to know more about but which we have a hard time relating to once we do in. In my opinion, this is often because people are educating themselves […]


Flavors Of The Middle East: Organic Wine Pairing In Jordan

“Jordan is actually a very old wine country. They discovered vines from Petra from 2,000 years ago.” I’m at Zumot Winery, owned by Mr. Omar Zumot, near downtown Amman sampling the organic Saint George Wine of Jordan. The space is […]