7 Awesome Apps For Exploring Australia Tourism Like A Local

australia tourism

Australia tourism apps. Photo: Tomas Sykora/Shutterstock; Edited: Epicure & Culture.

There are few individual countries with such a wealth of environmental, historical and cultural diversity as Australia. From the crystal blue waters of Western Australian beaches to the striking red earth of the country’s center, from the millennia-old Aboriginal rock art of the Northern Territory to the bustling metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia has it all. Whether you visit the hot and humid climate of Queensland’s tropical north or the dense, lush forests of the southern island of Tasmania, you can trust these apps to help you scout out the finest adventures to be had in Australia.

Here are some of the best apps for exploring the best of Australia tourism like a local:

australia tourism

Image courtesy of Totajla via Shutterstock.

1. Nature Near Me

Whether it’s heading into the mountains or into the bush (basically “the woods”, but dryer and with more kangaroos), you should fit at least one hike into your Australian holiday. Nature Near Me will help you decide on a track, and advise you on weather and preparation, across New South Wales. In another state? Check to see if nearby National Parks offer their own apps, like Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks or Victoria’s Wilsons Promontory Guide.

2. Australian Good Food Guide

With detailed restaurant reviews, practical information and informative photos, the Australian Good Food Guide app is a great way to choose a spot for dinner in Australia, without having to enter the minefield of sites like Yelp. If you’re on a budget, search for their less indulgent but equally fantastic alternative, Cheap Eats.

3. Melbourne Official Visitor Guide

Almost every Australian city offers a great free or cheap app that will introduce you to the finest local dining, shopping, sporting and sightseeing attractions. A good place to start is the Melbourne Official Visitor Guide, though you can also snap up city guides like Hello Perth, Offline Adelaide and Brisbane Travel Guide, to suit your itinerary.

4. Webjet

We’ve written elsewhere about the advantages of using flight search engines like Skyscanner and Kayak to compare all flights on a particular route from the one page. The beauty of Webjet is it searches all Australian airlines and flights, and only Australian airlines and flights, so it’s perfect for finding the cheapest/quickest/best option for travel within Australia. Just don’t book through the site directly as they take a $30 fee; find the flight you want, then buy from the airline.

australia tourism

Image courtesy of Australian Road Trips.

5. Australian Road Trips

One of the finest ways to see city, country and outback all in one is to travel Australia by car. Australia is a huge country with a tiny population, so its cities are set far, far, far apart from each other. Driving from one major city to another will invariably take you through a wide range of small towns, tiny villages and raw nature. The nifty app Australian Road Trips can help you plan an exciting, safe road trip across all parts of the country.

6. The Happiest Hour

For better or worse, Australia’s drinking culture is a large part of its reputation. But it’s definitely not all Fosters and rowdy partying. Australia sports an incredibly diverse and creative bar scene, and its cities are bursting with amazing places to discover local wines, exotic cocktails and small-scale Aussie beer producers. Use the Happiest Hour app to find the perfect place for an Australian drink, while taking advantage of that hallowed tradition, the Happy Hour special.

australia tourism

Glooby travel search tool screenshot

7. Glooby

Travelers wanting to book eco-friendly flights should check out Glooby, a green travel search affiliate website designed to give consumers informative purchasing decisions relating to sustainable travel options. While not a downloadable app, the platform is optimized for mobile. With each flight search, there is a Co2 rating with a 1-10 point scale. Flights ranking higher are graded as the most fuel-efficient, while ones on the lower end are the least. By clicking on this scale, users can do a comparison on how much carbon emissions can be saved.

What are your favorite apps for navigating travel in Australia? Please share in the comments below.


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