French Polynesia

Learn to chose fabrics and cook on the side of a volcano with the Karanki community of Ecuador

The World’s 12 Best Homestay Experiences For Culturally-Curious Travelers

“There’s no place like home”. This phrase is one we encounter often in Christmas carols, romance novels and cheesy TV series. At first, it seems to eliminate the incentive to travel. Why go through the trouble of packing your bags, […]


Tropical Flavors: What Is Breadfruit?

Breadfruit. The first time I heard about this tropical food I was confused. Was it sweet? Did it taste like a grain? Was it a sweetbread? Breadfruit is an extremely starchy fruit that is used as a vegetable with an […]

Epicurious Immersion on French Polynesia’s “Vanilla Island”

“Here is plate of fresh fruit with banana, papaya, pamplemoussier (a sweet grapefruit) and watermelon, as well as bread with housemade guava, mango and pomegranate marmalades,” smiles Vivi, my breakfast waitress at Vahine Private Island Resort on Tahaa. “And of […]

Raiatea: French Polynesia’s Sacred Island

“Raiatea is the sacred island,” explains Karine, the director of Raiatea Lodge Hotel. “It’s a very authentic island with a rich history and culture that is very different from the other French Polynesian islands.” We’re enjoying an artisanal breakfast at […]

maroto valley

A Sweet And Scenic Journey Back In Time To Ancient Polynesia

Crystal reservoirs, cascading waterfalls and lush greenery dotted with colorful flowers and fruits. Maroto valley, also known as Papenoo valley, is located in the crater of a volcano in Tahiti’s hard-to-access interior and was what ancient Polynesian’s called home. Today […]

Savoring French Polynesia Through Its Five Essential Trees

“What’s the traditional food of Polynesia like?” I ask Aiata, my taxi driver in Tahiti. She smiles. “Everything we need comes from five specific trees. We mix the fruits from these trees with meat or fish for a complete meal.” […]