8 Unique Gifts That Also Give Back

By Brittnay Bailey, Epicure & Culture Contributor

Shopping for the perfect present can be stressful. Of course you want it to be something meaningful; however, it’s tough finding the perfect gifts that give back that are also something your loved ones will adore.

Good news! Epicure and Culture has made things easier by rounding up special gifts that give back to communities around the world and fit a variety of budgets, styles and tastes. There’s even chocolate and wine!

Without further adieu, here are eight gifts that give back.

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1. Adopt A HeroRat


Adopt a HeroRat, gifts that give back

Photo Courtesy of APOPO


APOPO is a charity that trains rats to smell tuberculosis and detect landmines. Yes, you heard right — landmines. These smart little guys have detected over 100,000 land mines in the past 20 years. That means 22 million square meters are now safe and landmine free, allowing local communities to live and thrive safely. In addition, these rodents have identified over 12,000 tuberculosis infections missed by testing clinics and helped save almost 1,000,000 lives!


There are three ways you can help support APOPO with a gift that gives back:

  1. Adopting a HeroRat: For only $7 per month you can adopt a HeroRat who will sniff out TB and landmines. Included in the adoption is a welcome pack, an adoption certificate and monthly impact updates.
  2. Making a donation: As little as $10 can clear 10 square miles of minefields and $50 can screen 250 samples of TB.
  3. Buy a gift for the rats: With this option, you can pick which gift you’d like to give the rats. For $10, you can buy a basket of bananas, which they love to eat.


2. Heshima Kenya Scarves

Heshima Kenya Scarves gifts that give back

The Angie Scarf: Photo Courtesy of Heshima Kenya

Heshima Kenya is a non-profit based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a program designed to teach leadership and business management skills to local women. They are taught everything from design and production to marketing and sales, providing the skills needed for these women to become entrepreneurial business owners and giving them the building blocks to create a better future for themselves.

Since the program’s infancy is 2010, nearly 70% of the women participating in the program have become economically independent. The beautiful scarves are a great gift that gives back for the women in your life. 100% of the profits are reinvested back into the Heshima Kenya program.

You can purchase the scarves and see other ways to get involved on their Take Action page.

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3. Tahi Honey


gifts that give back Tahi Honey

Tahi Honey: Photo Courtesy of Tahi Honey

The Tahi Estate first started as a conservation reserve eco-retreat. However, as the property is run by three generations of beekeepers, it was only natural that they began to share their delicious honey with the world.

One hundred percent of the profits from Tahi Honey sales go back into environmental and community projects. Some of these include: rebuilding sand dunes, re-establishing wetlands and replanting native bushland.

The projects have helped grow the wildlife in the area.  When they first started there was less that 20 bird species on the property —now there are just over 70 species, including some that are rare and endangered.


4. Give Me Tap

gifts that give back Give Me Tap

Photo Courtesy of Give Me Tap

Give Me Tap is a social enterprise on a mission to make clean drinking water available to everyone, everywhere. Their products are truly gifts that give back — for every bottle sold they provide a person in Ghana with five years of clean drinking water. Additionally, they put 20% of their revenue towards clean water projects.

Another bonus — Give Me Tap has partnerships with over 800 cafes and restaurants worldwide that allow you to fill up your bottle for free, so you also decrease your impact on the environment by not buying plastic bottles daily!

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5. Purelisse


gifts that give back Purelisse

Photo Courtesy of Purelisse

Purelisse is partnering with Look Good Feel Better, a program that offers complimentary beauty sessions to cancer patients. The goal is to help these women reclaim their sense of control, confidence and self-esteem.

Proceeds of the Skin Survival Kit, which includes everything you need to keep your skin soft, gorgeous and glowing are being donated to the program.

6. MADI Apparel


gifts that give back MADI apparel

The MADI Team Underwear Drop: Photo Courtesy of Madi Apparel

Make a Difference Intimate Apparel (MADI Apparel) is a line of robes, underwear, bralettes and sleep tops that make a difference. For every garment sold MADI donates a new pair of underwear to women who are living in violence or homeless shelters and rape crisis centers. This one-for-one system gives you the opportunity to purchase gifts that give back and provide something useful to both parties.

To date, MADI has donated over 4,500 pairs of underwear to women within their 26 partnered organizations around the world.


7. Corazón de Dahlia Milk Chocolate Bar


gifts that give back Corazon de dahlia

Corazón de Dahlia Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bar: Photo Courtesy of Corazon de dahlia

This delicious bar features Pisco-infused milk chocolate with passion fruit, quinoa and lime salt. Ingredients include sustainably sourced Maranon and Piura Blanco Peruvian cacao, making this a chocolate treat you can enjoy without guilt.

All proceeds go to Corazón de Dahlia, an organization dedicated to helping and supporting families in need, including education initiatives in Saylla, Peru for young children.

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8. Messina Hof Winery


gifts that give back Messina Hof wine

Resilience Red Wine: Photo Courtesy of Messina Hof

Drinking wine can, in fact, help people in need. The wonderful people at the award-winning Messina Hof Winery have released a new wine called Resilience, a special edition blend to honor the strength of the Texas people after the tragic Hurricane Harvey.

All profits from the sale of Resilience will be donated to the long-term recovery of South Texas. Cheers to that!



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