poems about spain

poems about spain
An Ode To Andalusia [Travel Poetry]. Photo via jankarres / Pixabay.
By Erin Christine 

Running through the olive groves,
with the wild flowers and breeze,
has got to be
one of my favorite things.

Hills and rows
and old dirt roads;
Sometimes a horse
or a herd of goats.

Orange blossoms line the path,
To roosters and a mule
to the mile long stretch of blooming,
Sunflowers opening full.

The Andalusian sun sets in the back;
unleashing it’s
beauty and another surprise
with every stride.

I’ve not been spoken to
with a voice like that before in my life;
with a tone of respect and encouragement
I’ve never heard.

To hear better I often turn off
right to run
with the hares and mice;
to make it to the top.

White, stucco houses
with red terra-cotta roofs
dot the valley and hillside;
they speak too.

Along with the olives and the almonds,
they speak their truth
because it is all they know.

They know nothing else
And never will.


About Erin Christine

Erin Christine is a traveling teacher documenting her experiences in writing to share cultural experiences through short stories, narratives and poetry. In her poem “An Ode To Andalusia” she highlights the natural beauty of the Spanish countryside she experienced while living in the small Spanish town of Marchena. Being surrounded by olive trees with endless paths to discover and an inability to sit still, she found herself discovering views of Spain that felt so unique and rich in culture each time she went out. These views became a sort of refuge and source of reassurance that she was exactly where she needed to be in the world.

What are your favorite poems about Spain? We’d love to hear in the comments below! 


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