vegan restaurants in los angeles
vegan restaurants in los angeles
Photo via Au Lac
By Hamish McLaren

While numerous US cities are upping their vegan offerings, Los Angeles is still a leader in terms of both sheer variety and overall quality available. Of course, these Los Angeles-area restaurants do not appeal to a solely vegan clientele, and the following vegan restaurants in Los Angeles have all received near-universal praise for successfully creating uniquely delightful meat-free offerings that caters to even the most discerning of epicurean Angelenos.

1. Au Lac

Au Lac features an outstanding menu in which some of the most prominent Vietnamese dishes have been transformed by the principles of veganism. Vegan Angelenos can now find exquisitely prepared bun and pho in downtown Los Angeles as well as Au Lac’s original Orange County location.

2. Crossroads Kitchen

Vegan Angelenos regularly head out to Beverly Grove to visit Crossroads Kitchen, which boasts a creatively composed menu from Tal Ronnen, one of the most prominent vegan chefs in the area. Along with their delicious weekend brunch, don’t miss the homemade lentil tempeh laced with artichoke hearts and the the spicy sautéed lollipop kale. Note: menus change seasonally.

Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles
Photo via Gracias Madre

3. Gracias Madre

An aesthetically pleasing environment and access to some of the best cocktails in Los Angeles ought to be enticing enough, but West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre’s menu is simply loaded with outstanding vegan options. The flautas topped with guacamole and stuffed with sweet potato and caramelized onions is always a solid option.

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4. Dune Kitchen

Dune Kitchen has a sterling reputation within the vegan community, particularly among those who enjoy an exquisitely prepared falafel. Resting atop a foundation of hummus, herbs, potato spears and pickles, few would argue with the assertion that Dune Kitchen’s is the best around.


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5. Lark Bakery

With two locations — Silver Lake and Pasadena — Lark Bakery’s creations have earned high praise from vegans and non-vegans alike. The chocolate orange cupcakes are one of their most popular offerings, and the dark chocolate icing found atop the crowd-pleasing cupcake has inspired countless return trips from patrons all over the city.

6. Sun Café Organic Cuisine

Located in Studio City, Sun Café Organic Cuisine is not just a favorite of the vegan community, as the restaurant’s vegan mac n’ cheese and dairy-free shakes regularly attract non-vegans to the cafe’s beautiful, sun-dappled patio.

vegan restaurants in los angeles
Photo via Rose Cafe

7. Rose Café

In Venice, Rose Café features an internationally inspired yet wholly Southern California cuisine cultivated by Jason Neroni, one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated chefs. Rose Café isn’t a pure vegan restaurant; however, this list would be incomplete if you haven’t tried Chef Neroni’s green olive tapenade on top of his chopped salad (while in season). Apart from that, ask for the off-menu hummus. It’s similar to the Foie Gras hummus on the menu, but a great vegan dish.

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8. Sage Vegan Bistro

One of the more omnipresent vegan restaurants — in addition to its three locations in Los Angeles, the vegan bistro also boasts a roaming food truck — Sage Vegan Bistro is well known among the vegan community for its varied options, including the delightful sauces that pair so well with the bistro’s wide selection of grain-and-vegetable bowls.

vegan restaurants in los angeles
Photo via Shojin

9. Shojin

As one of the best sushi restaurants in town, Shojin offers a menu that is exclusively composed of vegan, organic and macrobiotic options. The Green Dynamite Roll and the Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon Roll are must-order options for first-timers at Shojin, especially for those who appreciate the incorporation of fresh, organic avocado.

10. Samosa House

Samosa House is not strictly vegan (its menu also provides a host of vegetarian options), but it’s nonetheless worthy of inclusion among the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. The Indian-inspired menu includes what is perhaps the best — and most authentic — Masala Dosa found in the entire city.

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Traveling to Los Angeles as a vegan? If you want to indulge in delicious plant-based food while you’re in the city, check out these amazing vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.

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