Coffee Culture: Top Five Cafes In Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland may be one of the most isolated spots in the entire world, but Reykjavik is a surprisingly worldly city. Perhaps it’s the limited sunlight, the chilling cold or simply the Scandinavian culture, but despite its small size, Reykjavik boasts a fantastic range of cafes.

Here are five of the finest cafes in Reykjavik’s for your sipping pleasure. Hint: After you’ve got your fill on java, check out these Iceland bucket list experiences.

Laundromat Cafe

Photo courtesy of The Laundromat Cafe.

The Laundromat Cafe

With its map wallpaper, warm lighting and bar filled with books, the Laundromat Cafe has a lovely, cozy atmosphere. Right in the center of the city, with plenty of comfy seating, the Laundromat is one of the best places to warm up over a latte.

Photo courtesy of C is for Cookie.

Photo courtesy of C is for Cookie.

C is for Cookie

Friendly, warm and brightly-colored (if only on the inside), C is for Cookie is a sweet little cafe that offers hearty, warming breakfasts along with its coffee. They also made delicious cakes and pies and excellent espresso coffee. The perfect spot to lounge in the warmth.

Photo courtesy of Te & Kaffi.

Photo courtesy of Te & Kaffi.

Te & Kaffi

If Laundromat and C is for Cookie are cozy, Te & Kaffi is sleek. A purveyor of ground coffee and beans, Te & Kaffi is not just a shopfront, but a beautiful, modern cafe. This little spot takes their coffee very seriously, and the result is delectable.

Photo courtesy of the Kaffismidja Islands.

Photo courtesy of the Kaffismidja Islands.

Kaffismidja Islands

There’s nothing quite like the quaint-yet-minimalist perfection of Scandinavian design. Denmark may be king of furniture and Sweden may be queen of fashion, but Iceland has perfected the ideal Scandinavian cafe style (who else could make wooden crates look so good?) And Kaffismidja Islands is the ideal spot to enjoy this Icelandic ambiance over a hot, creamy cappuccino.

Photo courtesy of Stofan Kaffihús.

Photo courtesy of Stofan Kaffihús.

Stofan Kaffihús

Perfect pastries, rich cakes and creamy coffee in the heart of the city: Stofan Kaffihús (which sounds so adorably close to “coffee house” I can hardly bear it) has it all. The staff are more than happy for you to bring your work and lounge or type away at their tables. The vintage decor is perfect too, making it one of the finest spots in Reykjavik for a caffeine hit.

What’s your favorite of the cafes in Reykjavik? Please share in the comments below.

By Gemma King

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