what to do in breckenridge
what to do in breckenridge
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By Andy Pilc, Epicure & Culture Contributor

Throughout history Breckenridge, Colorado has been known for adventure. Early Americans traveled across the Great Divide in hopes of finding gold and striking it rich. Nearly 150 years later tourists visit the five square-mile town seeking their own treasures.

Wondering what to do in Breckenridge? Today its mainly known for its trekking and skiing, though there are plenty of ways to slow down and explore beyond the thrills. Although some of the more popular attractions get crowded during high season, there are plenty of offbeat establishments you can check out to enjoy the town like a local.

Our recommendations:

1. Choose Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Breckenridge offers a number of accommodations beyond hotels. We’re a fan of Airbnb for finding unique homes (and you can click here to get $40 off your first stay!). Rent a high-class mountainside residence for prices comparable to hotels. There’s something for all types of travelers, from jet-setters to families to young professionals and beyond.

2. Have A Picnic In The Mountains

Between July and September the Mohawk Lakes Trail provides a breathtaking look at Breckenridge’s local scenery. Head out early to avoid traffic and pick up sandwiches and house-made dip with pita at the Ridge Street Deli. From there, drive 10 minutes down the road to find the trailhead to the roughly eight mile there-and-back excursion. Eventually you will be trekking past waterfalls, lakes, a cabin and other relics left behind from Breckenridge’s early mining days. Make the extra push to get to the Upper Lake, as it’s well worth the effort. Plus, it’s the optimal spot to enjoy those picnic supplies!

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what to do in breckenridge
Photo via Gregory Bourolias/Unsplash

3. Watch A Movie In A Speakeasy

In Breckenridge you can add a unique twist to your film outing at the Speakeasy Movie Theater. This intimate space feels more like a living room than a theater, and shows one movie per week (so it’s not uncommon to see regulars greeting each other before showtime). In addition to popcorn and candy the venue serves local beer and wine (get the speakeasy part, now?). You’ll be kicking your feet back pretty high considering this is the highest movie theater in North America. For a deal go during the $7 matinee! Otherwise, tickets are $10.

4. Savor “Eclectic Colorado Cuisine” From A Local Food Truck

One look at the menu posted on Stella’s Hungry Horse, with their inventive locally-sourced and homemade cuisine, and your mouth will water. Start with the local favorite, Crispy Duck Drumsticks with honey-Sriracha dipping sauce, before moving on to entrees. Check out homemade burger creations crafted from Colorado wild game and beefsteak, locally-made sausages, and creative sandwiches and sides. Think homemade pimento cheese flatbread, sweet potato tots, duck grilled cheese and funnel cake fries. While it’s quick, it’s unlike any fast food joint you’ve ever been to. Just ask the locals! Tip: Nearby is Ready Paint Fire Studio, so you can order your food to go and bring it to a Breckenridge art class.

what to do in breckenridge
Photo via Stella’s Hungry Horse

5. Explore The Local Booze Scene

It’s easy to drink local in Breckenridge, home to numerous breweries, distilleries and wineries. The namesake Breckenridge Brewery is always a treat, crafting seasonal, small batch, barrel aged and specialty beers since 1990. They also have a farm-to-fork menu with items like jalapeno corn bread cheese dip and a Colorado elk burger with smoked cheddar, all made to pair with their beers (so ask your server for a recommendation!). When wondering what to do in Breckenridge — or where to drink local — also add Broken Compass Brewing, Breckenridge Wine Company and Breckenridge Distillery, touted as the world’s highest distillery, to your list.

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6. See The Green Fairy

For something quirky head to the Swiss Haven Restaurant for fondue before descending into the basement for absinthe. Although they have a full bar selection, trust the experts in Green Fairy juice working at the family-owned Absinthe Bar at the Haven. Here knowledgeable mixologists take your taste buds on a tour of absinthes from all around the world — including the USA! Other local touches include live local bands and free shots whenever the Broncos score a touchdown. Fun fact: Absinthe isn’t hallucinogenic. Wormwood is actually a mild muscle relaxant, while anise is a digestive. The concoction was actually originally invented as a cough syrup!

what to do in breckenridge
Photo via Epicure & Culture

When considering what to do in Breckenridge to go local, what would you add to this list? Please share in the comments below! 


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