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Pouring a steeping of tea during a Gong Fu Tea Tasting.  Photo courtesy of Verdant Tea.
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Discover Chinese Culture In A Minneapolis’ Tea Shop (Antioxidant Cocktails Included)

After water, tea is the world’s most widely consumed beverage and many countries have made it an integral part of their national identities, traditions and past times. What would an afternoon in England be without crumpets and high tea? How would old men in Turkey spend their day if they […]

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Green Tea, Shabushabu And Kushiage: Epicure’s Guide To Japan’s Kansai Region
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Green Tea, Shabushabu And Kushiage: Epicure’s Guide To Japan’s Kansai Region

From the high-quality green tea of Uji to the rich soba culture of Izushi to Osaka’s hearty soul food, Japan’s Kansai Region is made to be explored through the tongue. While many may associate Japanese food with rice, sushi and miso soup — which are all important parts of Japanese […]

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Color bento box from ---. Photo courtesy of Jessica Festa, taken with a Nokia Lumia Icon.
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Matcha, Bento And An 11th-Century Temple: A Cultural Walk In Uji, Japan

While Japan in General is known for its curative green tea culture, there is one place where the offerings are truly rich: Uji. Located in the Kyoto Prefecture, just on the outskirts of the city of Kyoto, Uji’s plains and hillsides grow green tea in abundance, while its streets offer […]

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Loose tea. Photo courtesy of A Girl With Tea.
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History, Hikes And High Tea: Slowing Down At The Lake Agnes Tea House

Canadians weren’t the first tea drinkers, nor do they have the right climate to grow their own tea. That being said, they’ve certainly come up with an imaginative way to enjoy it – and some Rocky Mountain scenery – as part of an eco friendly travel adventure. I was able […]

Traveling The Roads Of The Japanese Teas
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Traveling The Roads Of The Japanese Teas

I have often followed the roads of tea during my stays in Japan. My first visit was in Shizuoka, Japan’s main tea production and transformation area — 70% of Japanese teas are processed in Shizuoka — beautifully settled around Mount Fuji in the center of Honshû island. I was welcomed […]