Green Design: An Alpine Wonderland Victoria Vacation Rental In Australia [Photos]
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Green Design: An Alpine Wonderland Victoria Vacation Rental In Australia [Photos]

Modscape is known for its innovative architectural projects that defy widely-known concepts of building and green design with sustainable modular architecture. Located in Bright, Victoria in Australia you’ll find one of their newest projects: Buckland’s Studio 5. A one-bedroom bed & breakfast retreat, Buckland is designed to allow guests a […]

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Singapore's Helix Bridge. Photo courtesy of Rajesh Pamnani.
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Singapore’s Top Attractions For Architectural Junkies

While Singapore is one of the world’s smallest countries, its architecture reflects the destination’s rich heritage, multi-cultural society and modern influences. The next time you’re in this Southeast Asian island country, be sure to absorb the country’s design wonders. Some of the top Singapore architecture attractions include: Buddha Tooth Relic […]

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Danish design work by Arne Jacobsen. Photo courtesy of seier+seier.
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Top Places In Copenhagen For Danish Design Nerds

One thing Copenhagen, Denmark, is well-known for its functionalist design and Neo-Modernist architecture. While buildings incorporate steel, glass, wood, natural stone, brick and gravity-defying layouts into their designs, local artists continuously make advancements with inventions like the Egg Chair and the Swan Chair. For those who want to explore Danish […]

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Statues in Tibetan Himalayan Gift Shop, Cary, North Carolina.  Photo courtesy of gift shop.
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Unexpected Discoveries: Exploring Tibetan Culture At A Himalayan Gift Shop In North Carolina

Most towns with a non-ignorable number of hippies and yoga teachers have a trademark Tibetan store. Whiffs of exotic incense and echoes of eerie ohms entice passerbys into dimly lit stores with colorful mask faces contorting into grotesque grins. Much of the appeal of the Himalayan lifestyle lies in its […]

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Tacony Palmyra Bridge
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Philadelphia: The City That Asks The Question, ‘Why Not?’

“This city will always have my heart,” D says to me, as we drive across the Delaware River into Philadelphia by way of our favorite two-dollar bridge. “Ann Arbor might be your new home for the next four years, but your roots are here in Philadelphia.” I respond, smiling. Best […]

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