Central America

Fresh ceviche. Photo courtesy of holbox via Shutterstock.
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Tasty Travel: Latin America’s Best Street Eats

Alongside Southeast Asia and China, Latin America is without a doubt the home of some of the most sensational street eating on the planet. Forget about the grandiose gastro establishments of Oaxaca or the finicky fusion diners of Lima: it’s all about the freshly prepped, quick-grilled and hand-held in this […]

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Speeding down the volcano on my toboggan
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Sliding Down Volcanoes And Into New Local Friendships In León, Nicaragua

When I decided to meet up with a friend of mine for a week-long trip to Nicaragua, I was set to experience what I thought was the best of what the country had to offer: adrenaline pumping treks up and down volcanoes. I was ready for a trip teeming with […]

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Do yoga in Peru's Sacred Valley.  Photo courtesy of Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures.
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Wellness Travel: Top 13 Culturally Immersive Yoga Retreats From Around The World

Most people think of yoga as a turning inward, a solitary practice aimed at developing self-awareness and reflection. People practice yoga to find peace and improve wellness; but ultimately, to feel truly serene, you need to feel united and at home with your environment. Instead of isolating you from your surroundings, […]

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Kuna woman. Photo courtesy of Marc Veraart.
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Celebrating Life With The Kuna Indians Of Panama’s San Blas Islands

If you travel to Panama, you’re going to see them. The women are easy to spot, dressed in billowy floral shirts, constrained by corset-like malas embroidered with tropical creatures. Beaded anklets climb up their legs to kiss the edge of patterned wrapped skirts. They sit, squinting, next to a pile […]

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A GoVoluntouring reforestation project in Uganda
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These Voluntourism Companies Help Travelers Give Back While Still Enjoying Their Vacation

While many people think of travel as a time to pursue their own relaxation and enjoyment, it can also be a great opportunity to give back. Voluntourism trips have been gaining popularity for their positive contributions to society while still allowing volunteers to enjoy their vacation. It can be a […]

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