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Wine grapes. Photo courtesy of Otto Phokus.
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Sommelier Certification: Exploring The Wines Of The Loire Valley

No education in wine would be complete without learning about France’s Loire Valley, which is exactly why the Sommelier Society of America spends a class discussing this world-renowned region. Before this class, I’d always viewed good French wine as being unaffordable, but as our sommelier certification course instructor Stephanie Frederick, […]

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Alsace, France. Photo courtesy of Tambako The Jaguar.
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Sommelier Certification: Exploring The Wines Of Alsace, France

“‘The Queen of Riesling’ — That’s what I want it to say on my tombstone!” laughs Stephanie Frederick, my instructor for the day for my Sommelier Society of America sommelier certification. Not only does she hold a diploma from the Wine And Spirits Education Trust in London and the distinction […]

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White wine. Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan.
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Sommelier Certification: How To Taste Wine Like A Pro

This is the first article in an original Epicure & Culture series, “Sommelier Certification,” where I will be documenting my experience obtaining a sommelier certification (as long as I pass) through the Sommelier Society of America. My goal is to not only show you what goes into getting this certification, […]

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Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Winery.
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How To Pair Wine And Cheese Like A Pro

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a “Wine & Cheese Pairing” course at New York City’s Brooklyn Winery. The class — which was curated and taught by the knowledgeable Noel Cavnar — was designed to not only tell you what wines and cheeses went well together, but also ensure […]

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Carrot, Dandelion And Maple: An Epicurious Guide To Lesser-Known Fruit Wines
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Carrot, Dandelion And Maple: An Epicurious Guide To Lesser-Known Fruit Wines

Making over 4,500 varieties of the beverage, grapes are typically the staple ingredient in wine; however, if you’d like even more choices wine can also be made without any grapes at all. In fact, many cultures first created wines with other ingredients like agave or honey (to create mead) long […]

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WWOOF And Wine: A Glimpse Into The Agriculture Of Northern New Mexico

Cross the river. Go up the hill, but don’t go down the hill! Cross the river. Go up the hill, but don’t go down the hill! Ahh Emma, don’t miss your turn for the vineyard! I repeated these directions in my head a good 20 times as I scanned the […]

Vietnam, Coast, Hoi An, Woman selling fruit and vegetables at a market.  Photo courtesy of VBT.
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Food Travel: Top 14 Culinary Experiences To Savor In 2014

Dive into local cuisines and cultures with the top culinary experiences of 2014. The best way to experience exotic customs is by feasting on local produce, savoring regional spices, clinking glasses for a “cheers” with the national beer and sitting down to share a meal. This article features off-the-beaten-path locations […]

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Champagne. Photo courtesy of Joseph Hernandez.
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Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Joseph Hernandez Dishes On Where To Eat And Drink In The USA

Want to know where to experience the best food and wine in the United States? Joseph Hernandez, Assistant Editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, dishes on budget-friendly vinos, lobster pies, Detroit’s culinary revival and where to savor the country’s most delicious epicurious journeys. 1. What’s one foodie city in the U.S. […]

Adventure Travel: Top Food And Fitness Fusion Safaris For 2014
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Adventure Travel: Top Food And Fitness Fusion Safaris For 2014

Get outside for a change of scenery and redefine what it means to be active with 2014’s top Fitness-Food Fusion Safaris. The following fusion safaris will get your heart pumping and palms sweating by allowing you to explore and view wildlife in natural settings by biking, hiking, surfing and more. […]

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Scaloppine alla Sorentina.  Photo courtesy of Jessica Yeager.
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Dining Solo: Unexpected Experiences And Delicious Food Await You

Solo female travel can be daunting in and of itself. Couple that with the thought of eating alone in a foreign country, and some would simply not do it. But as they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. For those brave enough to take on independent […]

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