While there are plenty of bakeries serving up delicious pastries and myriad restaurants frying bacon to perfection, what about when you mix the two together? Now you can have your bacon-infused cake and eat it, too, when you visit New York City’s Baconery.

“Life is just better with bacon” is the motto of this sweet and savory shop. Located in New York‘s Upper West Side, the shop sells your typical baked goods with a meaty twist: bacon brownies, bacon caramels, bacon-flavored lollipops, bacon pecan pie, chocolate-covered bacon, bacon hot chocolate, maple bacon blondies, chocolate bacon pretzel rods, marshmallow bacon bars…you get the idea. They even serve gluten-free bacon macaroons!

For the first-time visitor, owner Wesley Klein recommends the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookie as a must-try. Apparently, it’s a favorite of visitors to the establishment. The Baconery also serves decadent 23k Gold Bacon treat, where they cut a thick slice of Nueske’s Cherrywood Bacon and dip it in dark semi-sweet chocolate before sprinkling 23k edible gold bacon on it.

“We wanted to create an amazing gift for Father’s Day this past year, and it got so much press we kept it on the menu,” says Klein.

So, where does one get inspired to open a bacon bakery?

“I have a passion for breakfast and dessert,” he says. “Also, think sweet and salty. That taste of bacon covered in maple syrup.”

Products are made in-house for maximum freshness and flavor. They serve 13 different sandwiches and bacon mac and cheese as well as dessert, so feel free to come here for a date or to catch up with friends. After you’re done eating, purchase some bacon memorabilia, like a t-shirt that reads “Bacon is my religion,” a plate resembling a slab of bacon, bacon soap, or a bacon spatula.

Finally, breakfast-lovers and dessert-addicts have a place to come together, as the Baconery is the perfect union of sugar-meets-meat and sweet-meets-savory.

This post originally appeared on Drive the District

Jessica Festa

Jessica Festa is the editor of Epicure & Culture as well as Jessie on a Journey. She enjoys getting lost in new cities and having experiences you don’t read about in guidebooks. Some of her favorite travel experiences have been teaching English in Thailand, trekking her way through South America, backpacking Europe solo, road tripping through Australia, agritouring through Tuscany, and volunteering in Ghana.

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