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How To Combine The Benefits Of Yoga With Giving Back

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giving back through yoga
benefits of yoga
By Alexandra Samet, Epicure & Culture Contributor & Hunger, Hatha & Heels Editor 

When it comes to giving back to the community, most of us think about donating money, food, clothes or other items; however, there are more meaningful ways of helping people in need this holiday season, such as using your yoga practice to better the lives of others.

Some might say that yoga is a gift in itself.

We receive so many benefits from this practice that it is only natural that we are inclined to give something back.

So what better way to enjoy the benefits of yoga than by sharing this gift with those who truly need it? Here’s how you can practice yoga while giving back to society.

benefits of yoga

1. Help Others Enjoy The Benefits Of Yoga

Rob Schware founded the Give Back Yoga Foundation in an effort to give back to the yoga community he felt had given so much to him.

His foundation sponsors certified yoga teachers so they can bring yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to disadvantaged individuals who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience this practice and all of its benefits.

These individuals include veterans, women in prison, at-risk youth, and others that have experienced trauma at some point in their lives.

Many of these individuals feel a sense of detachment from their communities.

Yoga shows people of all races, religions, and social backgrounds that there is an underlying unity among all human beings.

benefits of yoga

2. Give Back 50% Of Your Practice To The American Cancer Society

Yoga offers both physical and emotional benefits, as it heals the body, mind, and soul. It allows us to let go of negative emotions by practicing detachment and acceptance while working towards acquiring inner peace.

Individuals who are battling, or have battled, a serious illness can benefit greatly from yoga.

With this in mind, YogaDownload is offering uplifting and empowering yoga classes specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors.

Anyone affected by cancer is welcome to join the classes, including newly diagnosed patients, people receiving treatment, individuals in remission, or those who have been cured.

Click here to join these life-changing classes.

Bonus: these classes are virtual, so they work great when creating a DIY wellness retreat program. 

benefits of yoga

3. Combine Yoga With Volunteer Work In Argentina 

Las Tierras de Avalon is a yoga retreat center that also offers volunteer programs in a calming and picturesque setting.

Avalon will give you the opportunity to experience rich Argentinian culture, meet people from around the world, participate in yoga and meditation classes, and give back through volunteer work.

All volunteer activities are nature-related and include carrying firewood, planting, working in a vegetable garden, and feeding farm animals.

Sounds like something you might enjoy?

Click here for more details.

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How else can we can enjoy the benefits of yoga while giving back to society?

The Benefits of Yoga & Giving Back to Society

Alexandra Samet

Alexandra Samet is a writer, social media maven, yoga enthusiast and foodie. She loves to explore the unique restaurants New York City has to offer. To balance her love for food, she leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She practices yoga daily to find tranquility in the concrete jungle she calls home. Check out her blog, Hunger Hatha and Heels, and follow her adventures on Instagram (@hungerhathaandheels).

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