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Looking for amazing vegan yoga retreats?

Then you’re in the right place!

When searching for the perfect yoga retreat, there are lots of questions to ask. Where do you want to go? How long do you want your retreat to be? What kind of yoga do you want to practice? And of course, what kind of food will be served on the retreat?

If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you know that trying to accommodate those needs while traveling can be a bit of a minefield. This can be even more challenging on a trip like a yoga retreat where meals are included but menus may be limited.

Thankfully, if you’re vegan or eat a plant-based diet, you’re in luck, as many retreat planners and yoga instructors are now offering fully vegan yoga retreats in various locations.

To help you find your perfect vegan yoga getaway, we’ve scoured the globe for some of the best vegan yoga retreats out there.

From vegan yoga teacher trainings to plant-based silent retreats, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite vegan yoga retreats around the world.

Vegan Yoga Retreats In The USA

1. CowGirl Wild Retreat with Yoga (Julian, California)

woman petting a horse
If you love animals, this vegan-friendly yoga retreat is for you. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

The 4-day CowGirl Wild with Wolves and Horses Retreat is one of the best vegan yoga retreats in California.

You’ll embark on a unique journey into self-discovery and empowerment through a deep connection with nature, animals, and the wild feminine soul.

Along with Hatha yoga, highlights of the program include earth dance, moving meditation, and rewilding rituals, alongside facilitated interactions with horses, wolves, and rescued farm animals.

The goal: to awaken your inner Wild Woman.

And that’s not all. This retreat provides a blend of physical, spiritual, and emotional exploration through forest bathing, kundalini fire activation, and soul voice expression.

These experiences are supported by organic gourmet meals (including vegan menu options), your choice of lodging or camping accommodation, and post-retreat private coaching sessions.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

2. Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Yoga Holiday (Page, Arizona)

three people doing stand up paddleboarding in a pool during a vegan yoga retreat
This Arizona retreat is all about yoga, nature, and paddling. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This 4-day vegan yoga holiday in Arizona is perfect for those who like to mix their yoga lifestyles with outdoor adventures and nourishing plant-based meals.

The venue for this retreat is a chateau located right above the Rim View Trail. It overlooks Lake Powell, Glenn Canyon Dam, and the Colorado River and is surrounded by the rising mesas.

This vegan retreat includes daily Vinyasa and Restorative yoga sessions along with guided meditations, sound healing, a cooking class, and a massage.

There are also excursions scheduled on the program to places like the Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon Dam as well as kayaking or paddleboarding on the Colorado River along Horseshoe Bend.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

3. Grief Support Retreat With Yoga Therapy for Healing Grieving Hearts (Maui, Hawaii)

three people standing on the beach doing mountain pose during a vegan yoga retreat
Understand your grief and open your heart on this Hawaii retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This 5-day vegan yoga retreat is specifically curated for those dealing with loss and grief. The facilitator for this retreat is Pamela, a C-IAYT board-certified holistic yoga therapist—which essentially means she meets or exceeds established international standards.

Pamela uses a transformative holistic method to provide support and a safe space for participants.

The program includes virtual one-on-one grief support sessions before and after the retreat, and workshops include grounding meditations, breathwork, somatic tracking, art and nature therapy, and Hatha and Restorative yoga classes.

The retreat is located at Hale Akua Garden Farm Eco-Retreat Center in Haiku, on the northeast coast of Maui.

Access to the hot tub, infrared sauna, saltwater pool, and farm-to-table vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals are included in your stay.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

Vegan Yoga Retreats In Latin America

Women doing yoga on one of the top plant-based yoga retreats in Mexico
Natural beauty surrounds you on this vegan yoga retreat in Mexico. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

4. All-Inclusive Yoga, Massage, Meditation & Hiking Retreat (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

If you’re looking for a vegan wellness retreat where you can truly leave your worries at the door, this is the one for you.

On this 8-day all-inclusive retreat, you’ll work on connecting to your breath and body through daily yoga and meditation sessions, guided hikes through the jungle, snorkeling trips, and workshops on topics like Ayurveda and pranayama.

You’ll also enjoy one included signature spa service and traditional Mexican ceremonies.

All included meals are plant-based, helping you to leave feeling much better and more energized than when you arrived.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

People doing yoga on one of the top vegan wellness retreats in Costa Rica
Get in touch with the rainforest on this retreat in Costa Rica. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

5. Rejuvenation, Detox & Yoga Retreat (Dominical Beach, Costa Rica)

Searching for detox retreats to help you detach from your phone? This vegan yoga retreat in Costa Rica has you covered.

On this luxurious and tranquil 8-day retreat, you’ll unwind near tropical waterfalls and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life through treatments, open-air yoga sessions, and daily detoxifying vegan meals.

Your meals can even be designed specifically for you and your health concerns. You’ll discuss your personal menu with the staff at the beginning of the trip.

You can even book a jacuzzi suite for the ultimate relaxation.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

Vegan Yoga Retreats In Europe

People doing yoga on one of the top vegan yoga retreats in Greece
A vegan yoga retreat on a Greek island? We can’t resist! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

6. Relax & Renew Wellness Holiday (Zakynthos Island, Greece)

Unwind and re-center on this vegan-friendly retreat on the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos.

This 6-day yoga holiday will get you out on the beach and into the island hills for sunrise yoga classes, guided hikes, and Kundalini meditation sessions that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The retreat also offers plant-based takes on traditional Greek dishes like spinach pie, lentil soup, Greek salad, and more — as well as fresh juices that will help cleanse your body and boost your immune system.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the Greek Islands, this is the way to do it!

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

7. Sunset Meditation, Therma Floating & Yoga Holiday (Kos, Greece)

women doing yoga on an outdoor patio surrounded by palm trees
Find inner peace amidst the Aegean blues with yoga and wine! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

Located on the beautiful island of Kos in Greece, this vegan yoga retreat offers 12 yoga classes over 8 days, each tailored to individual needs.

The mornings are reserved for a more active Hatha yoga class, whereas afternoons are for more relaxing Yin or Restorative yoga classes.

Food on this retreat is fully vegan. Breakfasts are usually smoothie bowls, while dinners are made Greek style with an option to bring your own booze. Yoga and wine retreat, anyone?

Other activities at this retreat include a float session in the natural hot springs and a sunset meditation at Hippocrates Altis—plus plenty of opportunities to go cycling, hiking, or swimming in the pool or the Aegean Sea.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

8. Transformational Yoga Retreat with Life Coaching for Women (Mafra, Portugal)

people on an outdoor wooden platform in high lunge pose
At this Portugal retreat, every stretch aligns with the rhythm of nature. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This women-only 5-day yoga retreat in Portugal is organized in a traditional quinta (or a farmhouse).

The venue is located next to the Tapada Nacional de Mafra and has several room options, including a bell tent in the forest.

The retreat focuses on reconnecting with oneself while nourishing the mind, body and soul. Sessions such as life coaching workshops, breathwork sessions, sound healing sessions, daily meditations and more are included.

There are daily yoga classes taught in the Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga styles.

The food is Ayurveda-based and completely vegan and gluten-free. Your stay includes a daily brunch and dinner, with snacks throughout the day.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

9. Midsummer Holistic Yoga Retreat with Cultural Journey (Uusimaa, Finland)

women holding hands wearing flower crowns
Experience Midsummer and Finnish culture at this yoga retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This 6-day holistic vegan retreat focuses on mental, physical, and spiritual transformation through nature, movement, and nourishing food.

The venue is located in a forest surrounded by lakes in Kirkkonummi, in the Helsinki sub-region.

During your retreat, you’ll do yoga classes twice daily, which are taught in a combination of different styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, Ashtanga, and more.

Other scheduled sessions include mediation, pranayama, sound baths, transformational dance, forest foraging, as well as traditional Finnish activities like ice baths, sauna, and Midsummer celebrations.

Taught by two sisters, this retreat takes in only 10 people at a time.

All meals are included in your stay and they are prepared fresh and vegan in Finnish cooking style.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

10. Spiritual Recreation Yoga Cruise (Muğla, Turkey)

group of people laying on yoga mats on a boat deck
Yoga on a cruise, sailing through the Mediterranean. It doesn’t get better than this! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This 8-day vegan yoga retreat is quite unique—it’s aboard a cruise!

Before the retreat begins, each participant gets on a 1:1 call with the facilitators to set intentions for the retreat. Even after the retreat ends, there are group calls organized regularly to share your individual progress post-retreat.

The program includes daily Hatha and Yin yoga sessions, as well as sound baths. There are also opportunities to hike in the Göcek Bay, swim with turtles and dolphins, journal, create art, and a lot more—making it one of the perfect hiking and yoga retreats.

The retreat venue is the Seaborn Legend, a 27-meter extra-large Gulet cruising along Fethiye’s bays. There are six cabins with attached bathrooms on board and all vegan meals are also included in your stay.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

Vegan Yoga Retreats In Asia & Oceania

People walk down a paved path at one of the top vegan yoga retreats in Thailand
You’ll start to relax as soon as you arrive at this vegan yoga retreat in Thailand. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

11. Vegan Wellness Retreat with Yoga & Meditation (Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand)

Heal your mind, body, and spirit while surrounded by the beauty of Thailand on this 4-day vegan retreat.

Whether you’re a fan of classic Hatha yoga, exhilarating Vinyasa flow classes, or new practices like acro yoga, you’ll find the right class for you on this short and sweet retreat.

You’ll also have plenty of free time to take in the surrounding lush nature, indulge in massages, and get to know your fellow yogis.

The retreat center’s unique menu features fully vegan dishes inspired by many different cultures.

If you’ve been meaning to visit Thailand, this is the way to do it.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

a delicious vegan meal served during a personalized plant-based yoga retreat in Bali
Fresh eats like these are on the menu at this yoga retreat in Bali. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

12. Life-Transforming Personalized Yoga & Raw Food Holiday (Ubud, Bali)

When it comes to tropical escapes, there’s nothing quite like a vegan yoga retreat in Bali.

On this 6-day retreat, you’ll unwind in VIP style with daily yoga and meditation sessions, excursions to sites like the Holy Temple of Tirta Empul, and individualized sessions with trained staff.

No two retreat itineraries are the same; you’ll meet with the staff early on to tailor your program to your interests, energy levels, and abilities.

You’ll also dine on delicious vegan meals throughout the week and can even sample new-to-you diets like raw food.

However you decide to spend your week, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of Bali, and that in itself is worth the price of admission.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

13. Healing Yoga and Wellness Retreat (Goa, India)

group of people holding hands in a circle while standing in water
Discover Goa’s vegan wellness scene with this yoga retreat! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This vegan-friendly retreat is located in the village of Arambol in North Goa.

Over 7 days, the main focus of this retreat is Vinyasa Yoga for inner peace and Acro Yoga to strengthen your physical self.

Other sessions in this retreat include mantra chanting, pranayama, body percussion, self-massage, kirtan, ecstatic dance, mud baths, sauna, dips in Sweet Water Lake, visiting the famous Arambol thrift market, and more.

The retreat venue is a healing center dedicated to a minimalist, organic, and sustainable lifestyle.

Participants stay in shared dormitories and all three vegan meals are included in your stay.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

14. Private Retreat with Yoga & Soma Therapy (Queensland, Australia)

group of people doing yoga on the beach during a vegan yoga retreat
Experience the Aussie way of life with yoga, vegan food, sun, sand, and the beach! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

This 3-day small group retreat—with a maximum capacity of four people—is curated to soothe your nervous system and foster inner peace.

To nourish the mind and body, this retreat combines therapies like a mix of reenergizing and relaxing yoga styles, meditations, and breathwork.

Yoga is taught in the Restorative Soma Flow style, including Yin yoga. This retreat also features integrative soma therapy sessions that connect the body and mind, healing massages, eco therapy, nature immersion, meditations with dolphins, and more.

The venue for this retreat is an eco-luxury beach house at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island.

All vegan meals, raw desserts, and herbal teas are also included in your stay.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

Vegan Yoga Retreats In Africa

15. Vegan Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat (Vilankulos, Mozambique)

two women stretching on yoga mats in the grass
Mindfulness in Mozambique: indulge in wellness the African way! Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

With a focus on mindfulness, this 8-day vegan yoga holiday features mindfulness activities like daily meditations and yoga classes taught in a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin styles—plus aerial yoga!

A spa session, access to the gym, and a special yoga session on Death Island are also a part of this retreat.

The retreat program aims to address the seven attitudes of mindfulness including non-judgment, letting go, trust, acceptance, patience, and more.

Your venue for the experience is a beautiful boutique hotel overlooking the sea. There are several room categories to choose from and a full vegan board and beverages are included in your stay.

➡️ Click here to check availability for this vegan yoga retreat.

What vegan yoga retreats would you add to this list?

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