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Looking for the best Caribbean wellness retreats?

Then you’re in the right place!

With its tropical weather, endless beaches, and natural beauty around every corner, visiting the Caribbean is the perfect way to destress and recharge in general.

That being said, opting for a Caribbean wellness resort or retreat can kick that rejuvenation up a notch.

And to help you really focus on your wellbeing and plan an unforgettable health-focused trip, here are our picks for the top wellness getaways in the Caribbean — from all-inclusive resorts to incredible retreats.

spa area at one of the best all-inclusive Caribbean wellness resorts, BodyHoliday Saint Lucia
BodyHoliday luxury wellness resort in Saint Lucia. Photo via Jessie Festa.

1. All-Inclusive Caribbean Wellness Resort at BodyHoliday (Saint Lucia)

One of the best Caribbean wellness resorts is BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia. This luxury all-inclusive resort offers several specialized wellness retreats to rejuvenate the body and mind, and it’s vegan-friendly!

All stays include a one-hour therapeutic treatment every day, along with daily meditation, tai chi, and yoga classes.

This is on top of water sport options like water skiing and kayaking as well as active excursions like hiking and biking around the island.

Your accommodation at this beautiful oceanfront resort includes all meals at one of six restaurants. While you’ll find healthy food options, their dining philosophy is about balance, so don’t be afraid to indulge in wine and dessert too!

Actually, alcohol is included, so you can easily turn your stay into a yoga and wine retreat.

Guests can also attend specialized retreats — such as the Boost Your Immunity retreat, which focuses on natural ways to boost immunity through mental well-being, fitness, and nutrition.

There is also the Re-Balance Sleep Recovery retreat, which helps you reclaim healthy sleep.

Ayahuasca, Yoga, and Meditation Caribbean Wellness Retreat
This Dominican Republic wellness retreat focuses on healing. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

2. Ayahuasca, Yoga & Meditation Caribbean Bliss Retreat (Dominican Republic)

If you’re looking for a transformative yoga retreat in the Caribbean, look no further than this 6-day holistic retreat in the Dominican Republic.

This Caribbean bliss retreat is designed to help you connect with your spirituality and heal from past traumas.

You’ll enjoy daily yoga classes, but you’ll also have the chance to take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies and workshops. Ayahuasca is a psychoactive substance with hallucinogenic properties that is used as holistic medicine.

You’ll also be able to participate in meditation and Reiki healing sessions. All meals are included, as well as additional activities and excursions.

Oceanfront Caribbean Wellness Retreat with Ayurveda Detox and Yoga
Practice yoga by the beach in Mexico. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

3. Oceanfront Retreat with Ayurveda Detox & Yoga (Mexico)

If you’re looking for a Caribbean yoga retreat in beautiful Tulum, Mexico, this weeklong beachfront retreat with an Ayurvedic detox is the perfect option.

Every day, you’ll enjoy sunrise and sunset yoga overlooking the ocean.

Your three meals a day included with this retreat will all be designed for an Ayurvedic detox to aid digestion and give you more energy and strength.

In addition to daily yoga classes, this retreat includes additional wellness activities including workshops, sound therapy, and a massage, as well as visits to Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

Oceanfront Ayurveda Detox and Yoga Retreat with Mayan Adventures and Sound Healing
Have an extended retreat in Mexico on this 10-day trip. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

4. Oceanfront Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat with Mayan Adventures & Sound Healing (Mexico)

This 10-day retreat in Tulum, Mexico is one of the best all-inclusive wellness retreats in the Caribbean.

For 10 days, you’ll have the chance to refresh your mind, body, and spirit. Daily sunrise and sunset yoga classes are included, as well as a sound healing ceremony, an Ayurvedic massage, and three Ayurvedic workshops.

All meals are provided and are based on an Ayurvedic detox diet.

In addition to wellness activities, you’ll be able to explore more of your surroundings on this retreat with visits to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, jungle cenotes, and more.

view of Martinique from the pool while on a Caribbean wellness retreat
Take advantage of Martinique’s natural beauty on this retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

5. Yoga & Water Sports Retreat (Martinique)

This yoga and water sports retreat on the Caribbean island of Martinique is one of the best wellness retreats for adventurous travelers who want to improve their yoga practice and try exciting new activities.

For 8 days, you’ll enjoy one or two daily yoga classes, along with meditation and breathing classes.

You can also partake in daily water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding — along with hiking around the island and taking a boat trip.

This retreat includes all meals as well as special themed nights like ecstatic dance and music performances.

Beach Yoga Retreat
Expand your yoga practice in Costa Rica. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

6. Beach Yoga Retreat (Costa Rica)

One of the best affordable wellness retreats in the Caribbean is this 8-day beach yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

You’ll be staying in eco-friendly bungalows in Playa Chiquita, a stunning beach on the Caribbean coast.

Throughout the week, you’ll enjoy daily yoga classes, as well as meditation and pranayama sessions.

You’ll also indulge in a massage and take part in additional activities including visiting the beach, or you can opt to try some of Costa Rica’s popular adventure activities.

During this retreat, you’ll also be provided with three meals a day making this a great all-inclusive option.

All-Inclusive Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Retreat
This luxury retreat combines wellness and yoga in Guadeloupe. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

7. All-Inclusive Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Retreat (Guadeloupe)

This luxury yoga retreat is one of the best wellness retreats in the Caribbean taking place in beautiful Guadeloupe.

During this 8-day eco-friendly retreat, you’ll experience a combination of luxury and wellness.

Every day, you’ll practice Vinyasa and Yin yoga. You’ll also be able to enjoy guided meditation sessions, a massage, and excursions to the beaches and rainforests of Guadeloupe.

You’ll spend the week staying in luxury accommodations and enjoy three healthy and delicious meals each day.

group of people doing yoga on the beach during a silent retreat in Aruba
Practice mindfulness and meditation in Aruba. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

8. Semi Silent Holistic Wellness Retreat (Aruba)

When it comes to unique Caribbean wellness retreats, this semi-silent retreat in Aruba is a top pick.

You may be familiar with the concept of silent retreats where you can focus on meditation and mindfulness.

This 4-day semi-silent retreat is a great way to ease your way into it. You’ll experience daily yoga and meditation classes, chakra and life coaching sessions, a mandala workshop, beach kayaking, and a mindfulness nature walk.

All meals are also included in this wellness retreat.

Island Healing Group Wellness Retreat
Heal your mind, body, and soul in Belize. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

9. Island Healing Group Wellness Retreat (Belize)

If you’re looking for wellness vacations in the Caribbean, this healing-focused retreat in stunning Ambergris Caye, Belize is the perfect option.

During this 6-day retreat, you’ll take part in daily yoga and meditation classes. You’ll also enjoy an included Reiki healing session, a massage, a self-development workshop, and Somatic therapy.

Best of all, you’ll experience the beauty of Belize during a beach excursion and a boat snorkeling adventure.

All meals are included on this retreat and you’ll enjoy healthy and delicious food that will nourish your body.

This vegan-friendly retreat in Colombia will help you grow your relationship with yourself. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

10. Detox, Heal & Align Retreat with Yoga & Meditation (Colombia)

If you are looking for transformative and spiritual retreats in the Caribbean, this one in the beachside town of Palomino will help you align with your true essence.

Experience a transformative retreat that offers a holistic blend of daily yoga, mixed martial arts, meditation, and creative workshops, alongside unique experiences like a cacao ceremony and live Kirtan music.

Hosted at the serene UUTTAAKKA, nestled between sacred mangroves and a pristine Caribbean beach, this retreat combines rejuvenating activities with breathtaking natural beauty.

With all-inclusive amenities, from airport transport to nutritious vegetarian meals that can be made vegan upon request, it promises an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and connection.

woman doing yoga on the beach in Jamaica
Enjoying wellness in the Caribbean. Photo via

11. Disconnect & Reset Yoga Holiday (Jamaica)

This 8-day yoga retreat in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica is one of the best all-inclusive wellness retreats in the Caribbean.

For a week, you’ll practice yoga with a skilled instructor every morning and do meditation and journaling in the evenings.

You’ll also have free time to explore nearby beaches and rivers, or just relax in a hammock.

This retreat includes three delicious and healthy meals per day prepared by a private chef as well as natural juices and teas.

turquoise waters with a volcano in the background as seen from Nevis
Experience yoga and scuba diving in Nevis. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

12. Refresh & Reconnect Personal Retreat (St. Kitts & Nevis)

This personalized retreat is a great way to refresh and reconnect with yourself.

You’ll spend 5 days on Nevis, an off-the-beaten-path island in the Caribbean where you can spend time in nature.

Every day, you’ll have personalized yoga and meditation classes tailored to your needs. You can also try scuba diving with a qualified instructor if you’re craving a little adventure.

Additionally, a private yoga wellness session is included that combines restorative yoga, breathwork, Thai yoga massage, energy work, and guided relaxation and meditation.

All meals are included and you’ll be able to experience the local cuisine of Nevis.

people doing a meditation class during a wellness retreat in Dominica
Experience yoga and outdoor activities on this retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

13. Yoga & Hiking Jungle Island Retreat (Dominica)

Looking for yoga and hiking retreats? On this adventurous 8-day experience, you’ll explore the jungles and beaches of wild and beautiful Dominica.

Your retreat includes daily yoga classes, a guided hike to the Middleham waterfalls, snorkeling, a spa treatment, kayaking, a Caribbean cooking class, an agricultural heritage tour, and a Dominican medicinal herbs and teas experience.

All meals are included and your accommodation will be a boutique eco-lodge in the jungle of Dominica.

Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat with Vegan Food
This vegan yoga retreat is the ultimate wellness getaway. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

14. Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat with Vegan Food (Puerto Rico)

This 5-day immersive retreat in Puerto Rico is one of the best vegan yoga retreats in the Caribbean and will help you deepen your practice.

You’ll be staying in beautiful Isabela, Puerto Rico on the northwestern coast of the island, close to stunning beaches.

The retreat includes daily yoga classes (you can choose between one or two classes per day) as well as other workshops and excursions around the island.

All meals provided during the retreat are vegan, making this a great option if you are already vegan or you want to try out a vegan diet.

Private Bespoke Yoga Holiday and Holistic Island Living
Experience yoga and island life in Barbados. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

15. Private Bespoke Yoga Holiday & Holistic Island Living (Barbados)

On the stunning Caribbean island of Barbados, you can have a relaxing yoga getaway surrounded by beautiful scenery.

This 4-day retreat is a good option if you are looking for a shorter retreat, perfect for a long weekend away. Your time in Barbados will include daily yoga classes as well as other daily activities.

You can choose from experiences ranging from Thai yoga massage to SUP yoga to meditation. And you’ll have plenty of free time to explore your surroundings.

This retreat includes three nights of accommodation as well as daily breakfast.

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Which of these best Caribbean wellness retreats would you love to go on?

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