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By Nausheen Farishta. This guide to Strasbourg’s local food scene contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for the best food in Strasbourg, France? There’s plenty to choose from!

Nestled in the heart of France’s Alsace region, this city’s food scene is a fusion of French charm and German heartiness, reflecting its intertwined history.

As a foodie traveler myself, I’ve enjoyed traveling and eating my way around the country. I’ve tasted the perfect pink praline brioche in Lyon, had my mind changed about Champagne, devoured fresh (almost too fresh) seafood in Marseilles, and realized a love for sauerkraut (of all things) in Strasbourg.

While it’s best known for its epic Christmases, the Strasbourg food scene is impressive year-round. Take notes as you read this guide on Strasbourg’s best food so you can try it all when you visit!

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Additionally, EatWith hosts a variety of Strasbourg cooking classes and food tours as well as the chance to share a meal with locals in their home!

Understand Strasbourg Food Culture

Traditional Strasbourg food features both French and German influence. Throughout its history, Strasbourg has at times been a part of France and at other times a part of Germany. This Franco-German heritage has clearly shaped Strasbourg’s food culture.

From French specialties like delicate pastries to German delicacies like sauerkraut and sausages, Strasbourg’s food scene truly offers the best of both worlds. And let’s not forget about Alsatian wine, which is a whole other delicious story in itself.

Pretzels (bretzels) dangling from the ceiling at a market in Strasbourg
Pretzels (bretzels) at a market in Strasbourg. Photo: uc2612 via Pixabay.

The food culture in Strasbourg celebrates the diversity of the city’s dual-heritage. It also values recipes that are passed down through the generations, while at the same time making space for incoming innovation from modern chefs.

Further, Strasbourg takes advantage of local and seasonal foods to highlight the best of what the city and region have to offer at any given time of year.

Bonus: Strasbourg is easily reached from Paris and other cities in France or Germany, so you can add it onto a broader Europe itinerary.

Food In Strasbourg You Must Try

Exploring Strasbourg’s local food scene presents a unique opportunity. Here are the Strasbourg food specialties you absolutely must try when visiting.


Fish on a bed of choucroute
Fish and veggies on a bed of choucroute. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

Choucroute, pronounced “shoo-kroot,” is a defining feature of Alsatian cuisine. It is essentially the French version of sauerkraut, upleveled with an array of flavors and ingredients.

These include finely shredded, fermented cabbage simmered in a blend of wine, juniper berries, and other aromatic spices.

This satisfying side dish is typically served alongside a variety of meats such as sausages, pork knuckles, and sometimes even fish and is a must try French food in Strasbourg.

On my visit to Strasbourg, I asked the waiter at Le Petite Mairie to suggest a traditional dish on the menu. He quickly recommended a fish dish specifically because it came paired with choucroute. Be sure not to miss out on this classic Alsace food dish when you’re in Strasbourg.

Tarte Flambée

traveler eating Tarte Flambee or Alsatian Pizza in Strasbourg, France
Tarte Flambee, also known as Alsatian Pizza. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

Also known as Alsatian pizza, tarte flambée is a thin, wood-fired pizza-like dish typically topped with créme fraîche, cheese, thinly sliced onions, and bacon.

If, like me, you don’t eat pork, then you can simply order it sans bacon. Or, try one of the inventive twists on the traditional recipe you’re bound to encounter.

In terms of places to eat in Strasbourg when you’re craving this dish, check out La Binchstub or Le Meteor to get your fix of Alsatian pizza while you’re in town.


Kougelhopf with chocolate chips
Mini kougelhopf with chocolate chips. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

Another must-try treat in Strasbourg is kougelhopf, a traditional Alsatian dessert that resembles a brioche.

This sweet and airy cake is typically made with raisins, almonds, and sometimes even candied fruits. It’s often served at breakfast or as a dessert with tea or coffee.

You’ll find several different options for trying kougelhopf across the city, including Pâtisserie Christian, the tea room of Hotel Suisse, or Pâtisserie Buhler.


Bretzel with cheese melted onto it from a food stall in Strasbourg
Cheesy bretzel from a food stall in Strasbourg. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

It’s no surprise that the pretzel, or bretzel in Alsatian dialect, is a famous food in Strasbourg given its German influence.

These soft, doughy treats are typically sprinkled with coarse salt and served warm. You’ll often find these on offer as Strasbourg street food and served at market stalls.

They’re easy to enjoy on the go. Plus, they fit the bill for cheap eats in Strasbourg if you’re on a budget.

If you’re visiting Strasbourg at Christmas, you’ll see many stalls selling bretzels and this is the perfect opportunity to try one.

Otherwise, seek one out at a local pastry shop. Or, venture 30 minutes outside of Strasbourg for a visit to La Fabrique à Bretzels. Over the course of approximately one hour, you’ll get to tour the area and enjoy a bretzel-tasting. Yum!

Alsace Wine

wine grapes on vines in Alsace, France
An Alsace wine tour is the perfect way to taste these delicious wines. Photo: Armands Brants via Unsplash.

Of course, wine is not a food per se; but, Alsace wine is a staple you must try when visiting Strasbourg (if you consume alcohol, of course).

Like Champagne near Paris, the Alsace region is renowned for its distinctive wines, primarily dominated by white wines which make up the vast majority of the production.

The key grape varieties include Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Crémant d’Alsace which is an increasingly popular sparkling wine.

You could easily plan an entire trip focused on following the 170-kilometer (106-mile) Alsace Wine Route (Route Des Vins); but, if you’re simply looking for an opportunity to try a few glasses while in Strasbourg that’s possible as well.

Visit Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg for a unique experience that involves a free tour of a winery located in the basement of a former hospital.

Or, visit Black and Wine for a wine bar that focuses on natural and organic wines. Bonus: This spot also has a rooftop!


yellow bowl filled with Baeckeoffe, a traditional Strasbourg food
Baeckeoffe is a delicious dish you must try while in Strasbourg! Photo: Arnaud 25 via Wikimedia Commons.

Baeckeoffe is a casserole dish of meats and veggies simmered in wine. This hearty stew is a must if you’re visiting Strasbourg in colder months.

The word “baeckeoffe” translates to “baker’s oven.” Historically, the dish was prepared at home and then dropped off to cook at a local baker’s oven slowly over time before eventually being picked back up.

The dish combines lamb, pork, and beef along with vegetables like carrots and potatoes sprinkled with herbs. If you have the chance to indulge in this comfort meal, take it.

Munster Cheese

A wheel of Munster Cheese on a plate with a pie shaped piece cut out and resting on top of the wheel
Munster Cheese. Photo: Frederique Wacquier from Getty Images via Canva Pro.

The Alsace region is known for several kinds of cheese, and Munster cheese, with its strong tangy flavor and slightly salty and creamy undertone, is the most popular among them.

Hands down the best place to taste Munster cheese and any others is at La Cloche a Fromage, one of the top restaurants in Strasbourg.

This eatery was made for cheese lovers—though they have menu items for the non-cheese obsessed as well. Order cheese boards, fondue, raclette, and more.

It’s a must-visit for the experience as well as the deliciousness.

Tarte à l’oignon

Plated, round onion tart with a wedge piece being lifted out of it
Onion Tarts are a popular food in Strasbourg. Photo: Melanie Maier from Getty Images via Canva Pro.

Made with a flaky pastry crust, caramelized onions, eggs, and cream, the onion tart is a must eat in Strasbourg. It’s versatile enough to be served on occasions ranging from a casual picnic to a festive celebration.

This dish is mostly savory yet slightly sweet and pairs well with Alsace wines.

It’s quite a typical dish in Strasbourg and neighboring towns, so you’re likely to find it on most restaurant menus offering authentic local cuisine.

Coq au Riesling

traveler ordering Coq au Riesling - chicken stew in creamy wine sauce - while eating in Strasbourg
Make sure to order Coq au Riesling at local Strasbourg restaurants. Photo: ALLEKO from Getty Images via Canva Pro.

You’ve likely heard of coq au vin, and this dish is a variation on that one. Coq au Riesling features chicken braised in a regional dry Riesling wine for a tender result.

One of the best restaurants in Strasbourg to try the Coq au Riesling is Chez Yvonne, but call ahead as this is one where you’ll likely need a reservation.


Plated Spätzle noodles with cheese topped with fried onions and herbs in Strasbourg
Eating cheesy spätzle, a traditional Strasbourg food. Photo: Joachim Kietzmann from Getty Images via Canva Pro.

Spätzle is a soft, German egg noodle that is popular in Strasbourg. During the Christmas season, it becomes a typical street food in Strasbourg as multiple stalls across the city dish out warm, cheesy bowls of it.

The best place to try Spätzle in Strasbourg is at La Corde à Linge, as this dish is their specialty. Plus, this restaurant is in an especially beautiful setting so you’ll enjoy amazing views while you eat.

Then you can decide whether this dish deserves to be claimed as the best German food in Strasbourg!

View across the river in Strasbourg to buildings on the other side
Walking along the river in Strasbourg. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

Restaurants For Traditional Food In Strasbourg

If you’re excited about trying the best Alsatian food in Strasbourg then prioritize these restaurants:

Maison Kammerzell

One of the best Strasbourg restaurants, Maison Kammerzell specializes in choucrout with fish dishes. You’ll also find other classic dishes here, and of course, you can’t beat the location right across from the grand Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg.

This restaurant in Strasbourg is also famous for its history, with the building itself dating back to 1427 when the foundations were laid. Wooden sculptures, frescoes, grand spiral staircases, and bottom bottle stained glass windows add to the fairytale feeling of the space.

16 Pl. de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France

Les Chauvin Père et Fils

If you’re on the hunt for trendy restaurants in Strasbourg then add Les Chauvin Père et Fils to your itinerary. Instead of the more traditional dishes, here you’ll find Alsatian-inspired tapas featuring local, organic, and seasonal ingredients in a farmhouse-inspired setting.

3 Rue du Faisan, 67000 Strasbourg, France

Le Tire-Bouchon

This restaurant near the cathedral is a winstub—a traditional wine bar-style restaurant that is typical of the Alsace region. You’ll find many traditional foods here in a cozy environment. You can choose to order off their set menus or a la carte.

5 Rue des Tailleurs de Pierre, 67000 Strasbourg, France


Want to dine at the best Alsatian restaurant in Strasbourg? While “best” is a subjective term, betting on the Buerehiesel is not a bad idea.

This charming restaurant is set in an old Alsatian farm and has long been considered one of the best restaurants in the Alsace region.

In fact, it was even awarded 3 Michelin stars in 1994. As you might imagine, reservations are a must.

4 Parc de l’Orangerie, 67000 Strasbourg, France

Tonton Gateau

This pastry shop turns into a restaurant serving some of the best brunch around on Saturday mornings. Your meal includes unlimited hot drinks, one cold drink (including beer and wine), a sweet dish, a savory dish, and, finally, a homemade pastry or treat.

Tonton Gateau is popular, so be sure to make reservations in advance if you decide to partake.

11 Rue des Bouchers, 67000 Strasbourg, France

stalls selling gifts at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France
Exploring a Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France. Photo: Nausheen Farishta.

Strasbourg Food Markets Annual Food Festivals In Strasbourg

There are a variety of food markets and annual festivals that highlight the many Strasbourg food specialties. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Christmas Market

Did you know that Strasbourg is known as the Christmas capital? It’s all thanks to its Christmas markets and how they take over the whole city each season. For a truly festive experience, plan your visit to Strasbourg to coincide with the holiday season.

Strasbourg Street Food Festival

Also called the Street Bouche Festival, this is the oldest street food festival in Strasbourg and it takes place in the fall—usually at the end of September or the beginning of October. Enjoy musical performances alongside both regional and global flavors.

Marché de Strasbourg Neudorf

This Strasbourg food market is part open-air and part covered. It’s open twice a week and is located slightly outside of Strasbourg city center. For a taste of traditional Alsatian life, make your way there and wander amidst the stalls selling fish, cheese, baked goods, artisan crafts, and more.

a wooden board with Alsatian Flammekueche (tarte flambée) on top
Alsatian Flammekueche (tarte flambée) is similar to pizza. Photo: kabVisio from Getty Images via Canva Pro.

Food Tours In Strasbourg

One of the best ways to savor the best food in Strasbourg is on a culinary tour of the city. A few top-rated Strasbourg food tours include:

➡️ Click here for a full list of Strasbourg food tours!

Want to dine with locals? EatWith hosts a number of Strasbourg culinary experiences, from food tours to eating with locals in their homes.

brick fortress walls in the Ribeauvillé commune of France
Visit Ribeauvillé on a day trip through Alsace. Photo: Maryline Waldy via Unsplash.

Strasbourg Food: FAQ

Now that we’ve gone over where and what to eat in Strasbourg, France, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about the cuisine of the city.

Q) Is Strasbourg French or German?

Strasbourg is a city in northeastern France, but its history has been influenced by both French and German cultures due to its proximity to the French-German border and historical changes in sovereignty. Today, it is part of France.

Q) What is Strasbourg famous for?

Strasbourg is famous for its stunning Gothic cathedral, Strasbourg Cathedral, which is known for its intricate architecture and impressive height. Additionally, Strasbourg is renowned for its delicious food, picturesque canals, and charming old town, as well as its status as a European Union hub and the seat of the European Parliament.

Q) What food is Strasbourg famous for?

Strasbourg is best known for its take on sauerkraut, called choucroute. It is also known for Alsatian pizza, Alsatian wines, and kougelhopf.

Q) What food is at the Strasbourg Christmas Market?

There is so much good food at the Strasbourg Christmas Market! You’ll find bretzel stands, plenty of spätzle, pastries and sweet treats, vin chaud (mulled wine), hot chocolate, and much more.

mulled wine being made at the Strasbourg Christmas Market
Mulled wine is a popular drink at the annual Strasbourg Christmas Market. Photo: Leeloo Thefirst via Pexels.

Q) What is the best fast food in Strasbourg?

For the best fast food in Strasbourg visit Pizzarome where you can order small pieces of pizza by the piece (similar to Pizza al Taglio in Italy). Or, Chez Victor for sandwiches and salads near the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Q) What food products should I buy in Strasbourg?

If you’re looking for food products that are made in Strasbourg and the Alsace region, check out Alsace wine, Munster cheese, and Strasbourg Sausage.

Q) Are there any food trucks in Strasbourg?

Yes, there are food trucks in Strasbourg. Some to look out for are Don Carlo, Haitiennement Bon, and Chez Veg’Anne to name a few.

Q) What is a famous Strasbourg dessert?

The kugelhopf cake is a Strasbourg specialty that can be served as either breakfast or dessert.

Kugelhopf cake with powdered sugar on top
Kugelhopf cake is a traditional dessert in Strasbourg, France. Photo: Images de Melo D Photo via Canva Pro.

Final Thoughts On Food In Strasbourg 

Strasbourg is a gastronomic haven, acclaimed for its unique take on sauerkraut, Alsatian pizza, and specialty wines.

Its cuisine is a reflection of its intertwined heritage, as elements from both French and German cooking shine through.

From street food stalls and casual eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants, Strasbourg’s food scene caters to everyone. And with so much variety when it comes to food to eat in Strasbourg, you can really plan a culinary trip that never gets boring.

What would you add to this guide on food in Strasbourg?

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Nausheen is a solo female traveler and an intermittent digital nomad who prefers slow travel. She seeks to empower women to live life on their own terms as they learn to love and trust themselves through solo travel. Nausheen shares detailed travel guides, tips, and inspiration on her website You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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Nausheen Farishta

Nausheen is a solo female traveler and an intermittent digital nomad who prefers slow travel. She seeks to empower women to live life on their own terms as they learn to love and trust themselves through solo travel. Nausheen shares detailed travel guides, tips, and inspiration on her website You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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