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I’ve written before about the merits of using blogs in your travel research. Blogs can help you get the most up-to-date and honest information about a destination, as well as more unique and relatable stories from fellow travelers. Many of the higher-profile English-language travel blogs do tend to focus on Western travel; however, the blog world is full of travel sites with beautiful photography, engaging writing and experts in every field, including travel to Asia. From China to India, Japan to Laos, there are some truly fabulous blogs out there to help you navigate all kinds of exciting, ethical and authentic travel around Asia.

Here are ten of the best blogs on Asia travel:

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Leave Your Daily Hell.

1. Leave Your Daily Hell

A sleek and pared-back blog, Leave Your Daily Hell offers travel advice for destinations all over the world; however, Robert’s Asia guide is one of site’s highlights. Head here for enthusiastic reviews of travel heavyweights like China and Japan, as well as of less common destinations such as Sri Lanka (see Two Weeks in Sri Lanka). Robert’s photos are inspirational, and his itineraries, written like journal entries, will have you dreaming about your next Asian trip.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of South East Asia Backpacker.

2. South East Asia Backpacker

Less of a blog and more of a comprehensive information hub, South East Asia Backpacker is a must-read for anyone traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor or Laos on a shoestring. The site shares a range of traditional blog posts about South East Asia, with plenty of reviews of individual hostels, restaurants and other spots. But its strongest point is its focus on specific activities you can sign up for across the region, from yoga to white water rafting to travel writing courses.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Nomadic Matt.

3. Nomadic Matt

With its bright, comprehensive and navigable site design, Nomadic Matt is one of the most pleasurable Asia travel blogs to visit. The blog includes useful information for any trip, like how to do accommodation, dining, transport and other travel essentials on a shoestring. Plus Matt’s Asian destination list is impressive, with guides to Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Japan Travel Mate.

4. Japan Travel Mate

One of the most unusual and intriguing travel destinations in Asia is Japan, and Japan Travel Mate captures the uniqueness of this culturally rich Asian country. With a heavy focus on photography, this blog gives you a glimpse into Japanese cities, landscapes and culture through beautiful images — along with advice — so you can best curate your Japan trip. Many of their suggestions are catered in particular to English speakers. There are also plenty of tips for navigating Japan’s very particular tourism system, from capsule hotels to Tokyo public transportation to bullet trains.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Breathe Dream Go.

5. Breathe Dream Go

Some of the best travel blogs focus on just one country, in great detail and with great love. Such is the case for Breathe Dream Go, a travel and culture blog dedicated to India. Blogger Mariellen has lived between Toronto and Delhi for years, and shares her story and travels on her blog. Breathe Dream Go is full of practical advice and reviews for travelers to India, but it also includes plenty of information about yoga, spirituality and responsible travel.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Travel and Beyond.

6. Travel and Beyond

Run by a Malaysian woman and an Indian man who met in the Philippines, married in India and used to live in Singapore, Travel and Beyond’s Asia travel credentials are impressive. Beautifully designed and recommended by such travel cornerstones as National Geographic, Travel and Beyond features blog posts and destination guides on Asian travel, ranging from the Philippines to Nepal.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Adventurous Kate.

7. Adventurous Kate

While Kate has been all around the world, her travel adventure began in Southeast Asia, and her blog Adventurous Kate shows a particular penchant for that part of the world. Her posts often go beyond simple travel tips to share information about local traditions, history and food culture, as well as traveling as a solo female. Head to this site for tips and reviews of destinations across the Asian continent: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of The Hungry Backpackers.

8. The Hungry Backpackers

One of the most exciting, accessible, and unique aspects of Asian travel is the continent’s many cuisines. There is a world of difference, for example, between Vietnamese and Indian dishes, and the best travel blogs explore the diversity of Asian food. Such is the case with the Hungry Backpackers, who share their travels through South and Southeast Asia through the perspective of dining. Perfect for travelers on a budget, this blog’s photos and reviews will inspire some serious wanderlust, and cravings for the wonders of Asian cuisine.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of China Nomads.

9. China Nomads

With the largest population in the world as well as unique landscapes and traditions, China is one of the finest travel destinations around. That being said, it can also be a difficult place to navigate and understand. That’s where China Nomads comes in. With a focus on trekking and road trips, this blog will help you move around China while discovering its cities, temples and hikes in particular.

asia travel blog

Image courtesy of Travel.Snap.Stories.

10. Travel.Snap.Stories

Run by a young Singaporean family, Travel.Snap.Stories is a charming English-language Asian travel blog. Praised by the Singapore Blog Awards, the site charts Vin, Cat and Dar’s travels around the world, with a focus on Southeast Asia, but concentrates on Singapore as the family’s main base. Singapore often gets overlooked as a layover hub for Austro-European travelers, but Travel.Snap.Stories recasts it as a great destination in its own right. It also offers plenty of useful advice for family-friendly travel.

What are your favorite blogs for Asia travel? Please share in the comments below.

By Gemma King

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  1. Having lived in Asia for a number of years, and having met most of these bloggers in my time here, I can honestly say I’ve used most of these blogs as resources for hints and tips when going somewhere new 🙂 Great list!

    1. @El Turismo de Asia: Nomadic Matt is a good friend of mine. I’m also a big fan of his blog. Will check out yours, as well, as I speak (limited) Spanish! 🙂

  2. Nice list Gemma. I would like to add the-shooting-star.com, travelwithneelima.com and theuntourists.com to the list.

  3. Excellent list. Adventurous Kate has been a favourite of mine for years. And I love stumbling across new bloggers that are living the dream 🙂

  4. I follow half of the websites you listed. 🙂 Great shots, lovely places with wonderful stories to tell.

  5. Hi Gemma,

    Thank you for listing our blog travelsnapstories.com as one of your Top 10 Asia Travel Blog! We will continue to travel around the world and update our experiences as our family expands and horizons widened! ^^

  6. This is not the biggest list of travel blogs, but the blogs shared are amazing. Mostly from different culture around the world. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

  7. Very useful blog with great list, My next tour plan is Japan so i love the blog japan travel mate. it is very useful for me to plan my next trip. Thank you Geema King for useful information

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