Pun Pun Organic Farm near Chang Mai, Thailand, combines local culture and farming with permaculture-inspired philosophy.
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What Is Permaculture? (And How You Can Volunteer To Help Sustainable Agriculture)

Growing populations and shrinking resources strain the environment and stress its human inhabitants. Developed in 1978, permaculture aims to better prepare people for an uncertain future by embracing sustainable living. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, dining halls serve food grown in student-started gardens on campus. Volunteers re-build areas demolished […]

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Fresh, ethically-sourced ingredients from Camino
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The Dark Side Of Easter: Child Slave Labor And How To Source Ethical Chocolate This Holiday

Easter has always been a time to celebrate rebirth. During the spring, the entire planet seems to come back to life. Trees and flowers begin to blossom and the holidays are celebrated with an array of delicious foods. Most notably, chocolate eggs and bunnies have become a symbol of the […]

Child wastepicker. Photo courtesy of Keith Bacongco.
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The International Issue Of Child Street Vendors

Before I take any international trip, my friends and family become overwrought with “helpful pieces of advice” for me. Most of it is usually common sense like not doing drugs in alleyways or leaving hundreds of dollars unattended on tables; however, one piece that stood out to me before embarking […]

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How Rhino Poaching Is Funding Terrorism (And How You Can Help Stop It)
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How Rhino Poaching Is Funding Terrorism (And How You Can Help Stop It)

Something 50 million years in the making is on track to be wiped out in a matter of a few decades. The rhinoceros — essentially the world’s last dinosaur — is being relentlessly hunted and slaughtered for its horn. Comprised of keratin, just like your hair and fingernails, rhino horn […]

Chimps playing with a shirt Shara bought them
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Notes From Uganda: Culture, Couchsurfing And Volunteering With Orphaned Chimps

Travel isn’t always pretty. Intrepid traveler and wildlife volunteer Shara Johnson tells us about an eye-opening and somewhat difficult experience working at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, as well as how to experience local culture, what to eat, and why both good and bad realities are worth exploring. 1. You spent […]

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How Climate Change Is Affecting Africa’s Rwenzori Mountains (And Why You Should Visit While You Still Have The Chance)
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How Climate Change Is Affecting Africa’s Rwenzori Mountains (And Why You Should Visit While You Still Have The Chance)

Snows of the Nile – Trailer from Day’s Edge Productions on Vimeo.  When people think of epic mountain journeys trips like the Himalayas, Everest and K2 come to mind; however, there’s a mountain range in Uganda that provides a lesser-known adventure: the Rwenzori Mountains. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is […]

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Adventure Travel: Top Food And Fitness Fusion Safaris For 2014
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Adventure Travel: Top Food And Fitness Fusion Safaris For 2014

Get outside for a change of scenery and redefine what it means to be active with 2014’s top Fitness-Food Fusion Safaris. The following fusion safaris will get your heart pumping and palms sweating by allowing you to explore and view wildlife in natural settings by biking, hiking, surfing and more. […]

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How To Eat Fufu Like A Local In Ghana
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How To Eat Fufu Like A Local In Ghana

When traveling, experiencing the food of a culture can be one of the most exciting parts of the journey. Not only can you learn a lot about a group of people by their dining etiquette, but eating itself is fun. Recently, I was lucky enough to take a trip to […]

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Thanksgiving turkey. Photo courtesy of timsackton.
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A Look At Thanksgiving Traditions Around The World

Among much else, America is a land where leaves change color and temperatures begin to reach nose-nipping levels during the month of November. These notions have made finding the best way to curl up into the changing seasons a priority since it was first encountered by European pilgrims. They quickly […]

A local teaching children to play music in Maboneng
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Maboneng: Johannesburg’s Hipster Hub

Hipster probably isn’t the first word you think of when you picture Johannesburg. While the city has a turbulent past that still affects the way people perceive it, Joburg is home to a number of neighborhoods with worthwhile offerings: Upscale shopping in Sandton, nightlife in Soweto, street art and heritage […]