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The 8 Best Cities To Vacation In Canada [Photo Essay]

If you are having trouble planning your next Canadian vacation, we understand. The country, with its diverse landscapes, cultures and attractions makes it tough to decide where to point your compass. Outdoors enthusiasts, art junkies, families and those who are […]

Winter Cocktails And Champagne Powder: A Ski-Resort Style Christmas In British Columbia

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a snowy alpine village illuminated by strings of colorful lights and open fires roasting chestnuts. While small towns like this light up across the Rocky Mountains and the European Alps, Big White Ski Resort stands […]


Luxury Goes Organic: A Caviar You Can Feel Good About

For all those who haven’t heard, caviar is okay to eat again. Actually, it’s more than okay, it’s sustainable and healthy, thanks to operations on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. While the Capsian and Black Seas once supplied all the world’s […]

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How One Couple Is Using Cereal To Help The Community

“I never thought of Holy Crap as cereal, but as a survival kit.” I’m currently on British Columbia‘s Sunshine Coast touring the Holy Crap cereal plant. It’s a small yet well- run factory with 20 employees who have all been […]

The Local Food Chain: Sustainable Connections On British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast

“The mission is to raise the energy of our community one body at a time,” says Char. “We are stronger working together than we are working individually.” I’m inside Vibe, a personal vibrancy lifestyle management business speaking with the owner, Charlene […]

Outdoor Art Abounds In Vancouver’s Hidden Alleyways

While Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, is known as a pristine and ultra-clean city, it has a darker side that can be seen by wandering through its hidden alleys. After being told by locals the alleyways in Gastown were safe […]

Inspiration In China: Tea Moments And Proper Tasting Guide

Inspiration In China: Tea Moments And Proper Tasting Guide

During a recent trip to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, I was fortunate enough to meet many passionate local business owners with creative ideas. Chocolatiers and sorbet makers who source locally and organically, cereal artisans who created a product […]