Top Ways To Explore Nature In Trinidad And Tobago

Top Ways To Explore Nature In Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is full of fun and interesting outdoor experiences. Here are some of my favorite: 1. Buccoo Reef A popular dive and snorkel site on Tobago — along with Speyside Gardens, home to one of the world’s largest […]


Tropical Flavors: What Is Breadfruit?

Breadfruit. The first time I heard about this tropical food I was confused. Was it sweet? Did it taste like a grain? Was it a sweetbread? Breadfruit is an extremely starchy fruit that is used as a vegetable with an […]

Trinidad: The Land Of The Hummingbirds

“Did you know Trinidad and Tobago is the Land of the Hummingbirds?” asks Theo, an enormous grin on his face. I didn’t, but looking around I am not at all surprised. We’re at Yerette, a hummingbird sanctuary of sorts in […]

Steel Pan Drumming: Exploring Trinidad Through Music

The national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago is the steelpan, or steel drum. Crafted from oil drums — although many of these drums never contained oil — these instruments are not actually drums in the membranophone sense, but are steel […]