best surf and yoga retreats in Bali

By Avantika Chaturvedi. This guide to Bali yoga surf retreats contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for the best surf and yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia?

Then you’re in the right place!

Bali is renowned for its spiritual culture, beautiful beaches, and world-class wellness experiences – which combine to create the perfect setting for an active retreat.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced surfer, practice yoga daily or hardly ever, are searching for the best surf resorts in Bali, or want a retreat that includes other activities like volcano hikes, cooking lessons, and photography classes, you’ll find it below.

On that note, let’s dive into our list of top surf and yoga retreats in Bali!

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Best Surf And Yoga Retreats In Bali

1) 4-Day Surf & Yoga Holiday (Nusa Lembongan)

group of people posing on the beach during a yoga and surf retreat in Bali
Your surf and yoga adventure begins at Nusa Lembongan. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Located on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan near Bali, this 4-day surf and yoga retreat will help you get in sync with the rhythm of the sun, waking up for yoga classes at sunrise and winding down by sunset.

With accommodation right on the beach, this surf and yoga holiday includes:

  • accommodation
  • 3 Hatha Yoga classes
  • 2 surf lessons by ISA-certified instructors
  • 3.5-hour snorkeling trip to see manta rays
  • 3 delicious and healthy breakfasts and one yummy group dinner

You’ll also get access to an outdoor pool, bike rentals, a picnic area, a cafe, and a restaurant for further enjoyment.

It’s one of the most popular surf and yoga retreats in Indonesia thanks to its blend of wellness, adventure, and outdoor exploration.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

2) 6-Day Surfing, Snorkeling & Yoga Holiday (Nusa Lembongan)

boats anchored along the beach at Nusa Lembongan
The turquoise waters of Nusa Lembongan. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

For those seeking an adventurous retreat with thrills that go beyond surfing and yoga in Bali, this 6-day retreat with additional snorkeling is a great option.

Manta rays are a pride of Indonesian seas and it would be a shame to go home without sharing the waters with these incredible creatures at least once.

This is one of the best surf and yoga retreats in Bali as it includes:

  • accommodation
  • 3 yoga or meditation classes
  • 3 surf lessons
  • round-trip transfers from Seminyak, Kuta, Tuban, Sanur, or Legian
  • 4-hour snorkeling trip to seek out colorful coral reefs and majestic manta rays
  • daily healthy breakfasts and a delicious group dinner

You can also spend time swimming in the pool, wandering the gardens, relaxing in the onsite cafe and restaurant, and cycling around the island.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

3) 8-Day Yoga & Surf Holiday (Canggu)

man catching a giant wave during a surf and yoga retreat in Bali
Beginner, intermediate or advanced – all surfers are welcome in Canggu! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

This surf and yoga retreat in Canguu is the perfect place to be if you are looking to uplevel your fitness and spiritual well-being.

Regardless of what stage you are at in your yoga and surf journey – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – this retreat is designed to support you.

With two yoga classes and one surf lesson each day, you are sure to come out of this retreat with a deeper yoga practice and improved surfing skills.

Surf coaches even record lessons and go through a surf video analysis with each participant to help them better their form and get closer to riding those big waves.

When not in downward dog or on a surfboard, you can spend time swimming, sipping drinks at the poolside bar, wandering the gardens, and cycling the nearby area.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

4) 8-Day Martial Arts, Surf & Yoga Holiday (Canggu)

man in a red bathing suit riding a wave during a Bali surf and yoga retreat
Feel the rush of catching a wave on a surf and yoga retreat in Bali. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Not only does this 8-day retreat focus on yoga and surfing in Bali, but also martial arts!

Hosted in the bohemian surf town of Canggu, the retreat program includes two yoga sessions every day. The morning sessions are taught in a combination of Vinyasa and Ashtanga flows, while the afternoon Yin and Restorative Yoga classes specifically target muscles used during surfing.

You are also offered two surf lessons, a massage, and four martial arts classes, with options including Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing.

Onsite, a few of the many amenities include a pool, bar, restaurant, spa, free bike rentals, and meditation garden.

Another thing that makes this one of the best surf and yoga retreats in Bali is the range of accommodations that vary in budget and style. From bunk beds in a dorm room to a queen room and even a four-person bungalow, you’ll be able to tailor the retreat to fit your needs.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

5) 8-Day Photography, Surf & Yoga Holiday (Canggu)

three people walking in tall grass while carrying surf boards
Ride the waves, strike a pose, and soak up Bali’s beauty! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

As you search for the best surfing retreats in Bali, consider enhancing it by learning how to photograph your experiences.

This Bali yoga surf retreat offers:

  • 2 daily yoga sessions taught in a combination of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative styles
  • 3 surf lessons with surf video analysis
  • 1 Balinese massage in the onsite spa

Along with the usual surf and yoga activities and onsite amenities like a pool and bar, you’ll also learn how to take incredible pictures under the guidance of professional photographers.

It certainly helps that Bali is one of the world’s most stunning locations, and you’ll capture local markets, sunsets, beaches, and rice fields on camera. These beautiful photos also make for memorable souvenirs from your week in Bali.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

6) 8-Day Family Surf & Yoga Holiday (Canggu)

people on a surf and yoga retreat in Bali holing a surf board
Surf the waves, ride the yoga mat, live the Bali dream. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

If you want to have an active and wellness-oriented trip with loved ones, this surf and yoga retreat in Bali was created especially for families!

From practicing yoga at a riverside yoga shala to catching waves at one of the best surf spots in Bali to having plenty of rest time, this retreat is sure to strengthen your family bond.

The retreat includes daily yoga sessions, guided meditations, surf lessons, cultural trips, Balinese massages, and wholesome breakfasts each morning.

Yoga classes are taught in a variety of styles, like Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Baptiste, and Power Yoga.

The retreat’s accommodation also offers an idyllic setting. Along with being close to a river, it features plenty of green space – with a large pool, spa (flower bath, anyone?), and traditional Indonesian joglo bungalows to stay in.

It’s truly one of the best surf and yoga resorts in Bali!

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

7) 8-Day Surf & Aerial Yoga Retreat (Canggu)

two women doing aerial yoga
Surf’s rhythm, yoga’s serenity: Bali’s perfect duo. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

If you’re looking to take your practice beyond the mat and have a true yoga adventure, this aerial yoga retreat in beautiful Canggu is a must.

Aerial yoga is a more contemporary form of yoga combining traditional asanas, dance, and pilates. It uses silk hammocks and slings to counteract gravity and focuses on strength training, flexibility, and balance to benefit the body and mind.

This unique take on a surf and yoga retreat in Bali features a lot more too. Traditional yoga sessions, surf lessons with video analysis, traditional Balinese massage, and hearty breakfasts are woven into the program to help you feel rejuvenated.

On the property, you can also enjoy a spa, meditation garden, free bike rentals, outdoor pool and bar, and more.

In terms of accommodation, depending on your budget you can choose shared dorms or private rooms, helping to make this one of the best yoga surf retreats in Bali!

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

8) 14-Day Women’s Holistic Healing Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Vegan Food (Manggis)

Women's Holistic Healing Retreat with Yoga, Meditation, and Vegan Food in Bali
Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit on this Bali retreat. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

If you’re looking for a longer Balinese retreat that focuses on holistic healing, this women’s retreat is a great option.

You’ll spend 2 weeks in Bali practicing yoga and meditation, taking surf lessons, enjoying delicious vegan food, and more.

This is the perfect reset to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Some other activities at this retreat include daily healing and coaching sessions, day trips, and self-love workshops.

In terms of accommodation, you’ll be staying at a beautiful, tranquil oceanfront property and all meals are included each day.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

9) 4-Day Personalized Yoga & Surf Holiday (Uluwatu)

people on the beach learning to surf during a Bali retreat
Surf and yoga sessions in picturesque locations? Yes, please! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

If you’re looking for something personalized, this yoga and surf retreat in Uluwatu offers just that.

The retreat organizers wanted to move away from the typical group holiday that seldom leaves space for individual needs.

Their 4-day program includes three personalized surf lessons from Marcel Wau, an Indonesian surfer born and raised on the island of Nias who has been surfing in Bali for over four years.

Additionally, the schedule includes daily Hatha Yoga classes, delicious daily breakfasts, a Balinese massage, and plenty of time to explore the stunning beauty of Uluwatu.

There are also onsite amenities like a spa, gym, beauty salon, garden, and even a bar if you’d like to make this a wine and yoga retreat.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

10) 7-Day Personalized Yoga & Surf Holiday (Uluwatu)

Personalized Yoga and Surf Holiday in Uluwatu
This retreat is tailor-made to your surfing and yoga needs. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

One of the best Bali surf retreats is this week-long experience that combines surfing and yoga in beautiful Uluwatu.

During this retreat, you’ll start your day with an included breakfast before taking part in daily yoga classes and almost daily surf lessons (there are 5 in total).

Additionally, you’ll enjoy a few Balinese massages throughout the week to help relax those sore muscles after all the invigorating physical activity you’ll be doing.

For further relaxation, your accommodation is a resort with multiple swimming pools, a fitness center, and a spa.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

11) 6-Day Adventurous Surf & Yoga Retreat (Padonan)

two people carrying surf boards along the beach in Bali
Catch waves and inner peace in Bali’s surf and yoga paradise. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Padonan is a picturesque village known for its lush rice terraces, traditional Balinese architecture, and tranquil ambiance. And if you’re looking for the best yoga and surf retreat in Bali, your search ends here in this slice of heaven!

This Bali surf retreat provides the perfect combination of surf and yoga through a host of mindful activities. The schedule includes:

  • 2 daily Yin Yoga classes
  • 3 surf lessons with video analysis
  • Japa Mala meditation sessions
  • Pranayama workshop
  • Reiki circle
  • pool sessions at Holy Camp, a hidden retreat center in Bali built especially for mystical yoga retreats
  • and more!

This is just a small sampling of the many things offered on this unforgettable Bali surf retreat.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

12) 8-Day “Eat, Pray, Love” Surf Camp & Yoga Holiday (Padang Padang)

three people swimming out to ride a wave during a surfing lesson
Get stoked on surfing and centered with yoga! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Visited by Julia Roberts in the hit movie Eat, Pray, Love, Padang Padang Beach sits on the coast of Bali’s southern peninsula and is one of the island’s most beloved year-round surf spots.

And if you’d like to explore it for yourself, this surf camp in Bali is perfectly curated for surfers and yogis of all levels to come and enjoy equal doses of peace and adrenalin on their Indonesian holiday.

This is one of the best surf and yoga retreats in Bali. Each day, you’ll start your mornings with a nutritious breakfast and two surf sessions and end with Hatha Yoga and a delicious dinner.

In terms of surfing skill level, Padang Padang Left is a great spot for experienced surfers, while Padang Padang Right is just right for beginners, making it the best surf and yoga retreat in Bali for everyone!

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

13) 8-Day Yoga & Surf Camp for Beginner & Intermediate Surfers (Padang Padang)

group of women getting a surf lesson during a Bali yoga and surf retreat
Bali vibes: surf, yoga, and endless good times. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

This 8-day surf and yoga camp in Bali takes place in Padang Padang, which is world-renowned for its incredible surfing conditions for both beginner and advanced surfers.

Overlooking the stunning Bukit peninsula, there are several rooms suitable to varying budget needs available.

The retreat program includes daily surf lessons and yoga classes, with the latter being taught in a variety of styles like Iyengar, Hatha, Power, and Vinyasa.

Yoga classes are taught by Marcus Devy who has a decade of experience, while the surf lessons are taught by long-time Indonesian surfers Richie and Randy – so you know you are in good hands!

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

14) 5-Day Surfing, Cultural Tours, Yoga Awakening, and Daily Spa Healing Retreat (Tabanan)

Balinese woman lighting incense
Surf’s up, zen’s in! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

This 5-day surf and yoga retreat in Bali focuses on healing and can be best summarized as a heart-opening Balinese cultural holiday.

The aim of this retreat is to provide an all-round experience that not only focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing but also looks after your spiritual wellbeing by absorbing the bountiful energies of Bali’s lush nature.

Along with holistic healing through surf lessons and yoga sessions, it also features a Balinese temple visit, traditional Shamanic rituals, organic coconut oil making, cooking classes, waterfall purification, and a lot more.

Other highlights include:

  • daily 60-minute spa treatment
  • 90 minutes of Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga and meditation every morning
  • afternoon yoga sessions every other day
  • surf lessons with a private coach
  • daily cultural and nature excursions
  • nutritional and delicious meals

The all-encompassing nature of the program helps make this one of the best surf yoga retreats in Bali.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

15) 7-Day Yoga & Surf Goddess Retreat (Kuta)

three women holding hands while riding surf boards in Bali
Celebrate your inner goddess through surf, yoga, and Bali! Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Looking for the best women’s surf yoga retreats in Bali? Traveling solo in Bali and want to connect with other women?

This 7-day retreat brings women together to work on their body and mind through yoga, surfing, and other activities!

Led by Latifa, or La La as she is fondly called, this Goddess Retreat is located in the beautiful region of Seminyak.

While the retreat center itself is a peaceful oasis, the location is within walking distance to boutique shops, beach clubs, and delicious restaurants so you can get out and experience Bali culture.

In terms of the program, this retreat includes:

  • 6 Hatha Yoga classes
  • 5 surf lessons
  • unlimited spa access
  • 3 tasty meals daily

To add cultural value to this Bali surf retreat, you also get access to a range of activities – like a chauffeured shopping tour, bike tour, private VIP beach day, sound healing experience, white water rafting, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, temple visit, Batik painting class, Balinese cooking class, visiting Bali waterfalls, and more!

Looking for a yoga and hiking retreat? You can also add on jungle treks and volcano hikes for even more adventure.

This wide range of onsite and local experiences helps make this one of the best women’s surf yoga retreats in Bali!

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

16) 7-Day Yoga, Surf & Transformation Retreat (Kuta)

Yoga, Surf, and Transformation Retreat in Bali
Transform your life with daily surfing and yoga practice. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

On this 7-day Bali yoga surf retreat, you’ll get to practice surfing and yoga every day while also enjoying meditation and wellness workshops.

Beyond having a transformative experience, the retreat also includes excursions around Bali—like hikes to see gorgeous waterfalls and spiritual trips to Balinese temples.

In terms of accommodation, you’ll stay at a lush resort away from the hustle and bustle of touristy Kuta. You can even stay in a jungle hut!

Hungry? Three delicious (mostly) vegetarian meals are included each day.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

17) 8-Day Adventurous Retreat Combining Surf & Yoga (Badung)

Adventurous Retreat Combining Surf and Yoga in Badung
Get ready to strengthen your surfing skills and deepen your yoga practice on this retreat. Photo: BookYogaRetreats.

Another great Bali retreat is this 8-day surf and yoga retreat in Badung.

If you’re hoping to improve your surfing skills this is a good choice, as throughout the week you’ll enjoy 5 surf lessons—with detailed feedback included afterward.

You’ll also take part in twice-daily yoga classes in a bamboo yoga shala while immersed in nature.

The retreat center—which is owned by a sacred healer—is intimate with only 6 guest rooms and spiritual statues, fish-filled ponds, colorful flowers, towering trees, and beautiful fountains at every turn. There is also a pool with sunbeds!

Daily vegetarian breakfasts and dinners are included during this retreat.

➡️ Click here to book this Bali surf and yoga retreat.

Bali Travel Insurance

Before going on a yoga and surf retreat in Bali, it’s important to get travel insurance. Of course, you never think something will go wrong, but it always can – especially when you’re being active.

One top provider recommendation is SafetyWing as they’ve got a large network and offer both short-term and long-term coverage — including coverage if you’re traveling for months as well as limited coverage in your home country.

Additionally, SafetyWing is budget-friendly and offers $250,000 worth of coverage with just one low overall deductible of $250.

Click here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks.

woman on a pink surf board learning to surf in Bali on a retreat
Learn to surf or perfect your skills on a Bali surf and yoga retreat. Photo: Jess Loiterton via Pexels.

Best Surf And Yoga Retreats In Bali: FAQ

Now let’s answer some commonly asked questions about booking a Bali surf yoga retreat.

Q) Which island is known for yoga in Indonesia?

When it comes to yoga and other wellness experiences, Bali is the island that comes to mind for most travelers thanks to its plethora of offerings.

Q) Why is yoga so big in Bali?

Yoga is popular in Bali due to its gorgeous natural landscapes, spiritual culture, and a large amount of world-class yoga retreats, making it an ideal destination for individuals seeking relaxation, self-discovery, and holistic well-being.

Q) How do I choose a retreat in Bali?

When choosing your Bali retreat, a few things to consider include cost, length of time, reviews, and if the program includes the experiences you’re looking for.

Q) When is the best and worst time to visit Bali?

While Bali is a year-round destination, the best time to visit is typically the dry season from April to September, while the worst time is during the rainy season from November to March. If you’re looking to score a travel deal, try booking your trip during Bali’s shoulder seasons during April–June and September–October.

Q) What are the best surf spots in Bali?

A few of Bali’s most renowned surf locations include Canggu, Kuta, Nusa Lembongan, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, and Tabanan.

What would you add to this list of best surf and yoga retreats in Bali?

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