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By Jessie Festa. This guide to healing yoga retreats contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Are you looking for spiritual yoga retreats that harness local wellness wisdom and celebrate regional traditions?

Epicure and Culture has rounded up yoga retreats worldwide that allow you to experience local culture while kick-starting a mind and body transformation.

Intimately connect with the spiritual side of your environment on the following yoga trips.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats In The USA & Mexico

women standing on yoga mats among red rock cliffs during a spiritual yoga retreat in Arizona
Spiritual yoga retreat in Arizona. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

1) 4-Day Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon Yoga Retreat (Page, Arizona)

Embrace the spirit of the Southwest and deepen your yoga practice in Page, Arizona.

This spiritual healing retreat embraces its desert location, featuring amazing views of the Colorado River, Lake Powell, and Glenn Canyon Dam.

It’s four days that feature everything from Vinyasa flows to cooking classes to massages — and even adventure activities like trekking and kayaking (so if you’re looking for yoga hiking retreats, this is a great option!).

Rim View Chateau is host to one of the best spiritual retreats in the USA. It’s all-inclusive, so you not only get daily sessions of yoga, guided meditations, and sound healing, but three nights of accommodations and daily vegan meals!

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Arizona.

people standing in a line in tree pose during a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona
Get in touch with your wild side on this women’s wellness retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

2) 4-Day Unwind & Rewild Women’s Wellness Retreat (Sedona, Arizona)

If you’re looking for a transformative yoga experience, this 4-day women’s wellness retreat in Sedona is perfect.

The focus is on “rewilding” or returning to a more wild, natural state and living a more holistic life.

During this spiritual retreat with yoga, you will have the opportunity to practice your asanas and meditate every day.

Additionally, this retreat includes two hiking excursions in Sedona—which is known for its powerful energy vortexes.

For added spiritual healing, you’ll participate in a sound bath experience, a chakra healing workshop, a medicinal herb workshop, and a fire ceremony to reconnect with your wild side.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Arizona.

woman leading a spiritual yoga retreat in Joshua Tree while surrounded by candels and crystals
A spiritual yoga retreat in Joshua Tree. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

3) 3-Day Spiritual Joshua Tree Retreat (Yucca Valley, California)

Joshua Tree is a truly remarkable palace where you can get “lost” to find yourself, so it’s no surprise it’s home to one of the most healing retreats in the USA.

This Spiritual Joshua Tree retreat features 3 days of activities — including a yoga class per day.

Beyond that, there are guided meditation sessions, spiritual workshops, ceremonies (like a cacao ceremony), hypnosis, sound baths, and more.

There’s even the opportunity to activate your sexual energy through Osho dynamic meditation and ecstatic dance — not to mention you can take in the night sky with a little stargazing.

This retreat features 2 nights of accommodation and is fit for all skill levels.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in California.

woman doing a yoga pose while jumping in front of a sunset with her reflection shown on the water
Awaken your inner goddess. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

4) 5-Day Awake Goddess Untamed (Kealakekua, Hawaii)

Awaken your inner goddess in Kealakekua on this life-changing spirituality getaway.

On this retreat, you’ll have a truly transformative Hawaii experience through four days of yoga practice and pranayama classes.

This spirituality retreat comes with 4 nights of accommodation at Gingerhill Farm Retreat — a sustainable organic farm community located in the lush tropics. Get ready for some truly breathtaking views!

Between yoga sessions, you’ll get to experience healing workshops, learn about sacred plant medicine, dance barefoot under the starry night sky, meditate, partake in goddess circles to reflect and connect, and savor farm-to-table meals.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy beach excursions and tours of the local wild landscapes, giving you a chance to fully immerse yourself in a magical, peaceful experience at one of the best all-inclusive spiritual retreats you can attend.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Hawaii.

group of women in Warrior 1 pose while gazing out at the water during a spiritual yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico
Practice yoga in beautiful Tulum, Mexico on this retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

5) 5-Day Summer Yoga & Wellness Retreat (Tulum, Mexico)

Tulum features white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and palm trees that remind you that you’re in paradise.

Along with an uplifting atmosphere, it’s also home to an incredible yoga meditation retreat that can give you the help and healing you’ve been seeking while also introducing you to the destination.

Along with twice-daily sunrise and sunset yoga classes, including morning meditation, you’ll enjoy an excursion to the local Garden of Eden Cenote, a one-hour massage on the beach, and sound bowl therapy to help you relax and reconnect with yourself.

In terms of accommodation, you’ll stay in a beautiful villa facing the Caribbean Sea, with the beach just a 3-minute walk away. All meals are included during this retreat.

Whether you’re traveling solo in Tulum or with friends who are also seeking a rejuvenating experience, you’ll love this spiritual retreat in Mexico!

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Mexico.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats In Europe

group of people camping on an adventurous yoga retreat in France
This adventurous yoga retreat in France combines yoga with the outdoors. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

6) 7-Day Off Grid Yoga, Hiking & Self Reflection Retreat (Auvergene-Rhone-Alpes, France)

Healing yoga retreats come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for an off-grid spiritual getaway, this unique retreat helps you unplug from life and connect with yourself through daily self-enquire practices, journaling, art, and meditation.

You’ll nourish your body and soul with fresh mountain water, herbal teas, snacks throughout the day, and a delicious daily plant-based brunch and dinner.

Not only that, but this spiritual yoga retreat gives you access to their wood-fired hot tub, slackline, and archery. They even have evening campfires, sound baths, and forest bathing for fun and healing outdoor experiences.

With six nights of accommodation included, you’ll get a chance to get lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in France.

group of yogis in Triangle Pose on an outdoor deck during a Rebalancing Yoga Retreat in Scansano, Italy
There’s no better place than the Tuscan countryside for a rejuvenating retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

7) 4-Day Between Heaven & Earth Spiritual Yoga Retreat (Tuscany, Italy)

If you dream of doing yoga in Tuscany, this unique retreat among the region’s rolling hills includes yoga up to 4 times each day!

That being said, the goal of the retreat goes beyond practicing asanas, as your hosts will help you find harmony between the essential and existential dimensions—hence the name of the retreat, “Heaven and Earth”.

Along with yoga Nidra, you’ll practice meditation, breathwork, mantras, and relaxation—which also includes swimming and lounging by the pool.

In terms of food, 3 nutritious vegetarian meals are included each day and are prepared with mostly local and organic ingredients.

Additionally, you’ll stay in a former Franciscan monastery turned farmhouse accommodation complete with its own vegetable garden, olive groves, and vineyards.

If you’re also interested in a yoga and wine retreat, you’ll be in the perfect place to enjoy a tasting or two!

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Italy.

women doing yoga in the grass while on a yoga getaway in Greece
Flow in the beautiful scenery of Greece. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

8) 8-Day Day Nature Meditation & Outdoor Hatha Yoga Retreat (Crete, Greece)

Often the most amazing meditation and yoga retreats can be found in the world’s most beautiful places, like this one.

The island of Crete holds powerful energy, making it the perfect place to reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate your system.

This small group retreat gives you a chance to experience:

  • Daily Hatha yoga sessions
  • Breakfast prepared for you
  • Pranayama and meditation sessions
  • A meditative nature walk on the ancient path of Aptera

You’ll get seven nights of accommodation at a local family-run apartment or guesthouse within walking distance of the ZenZem yoga center where you’ll be spending your time.

Something nice about this spiritual yoga retreat is it includes plenty of time to explore the island on your own to get to know beautiful Greece.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Greece.

white buildings behind a pool with bright blue water in Portugal
Transform your yoga practice on this retreat in Portugal. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

9) 6-Day Transformative Yoga Retreat (Moncarapacho, Portugal)

One of the best yoga and spiritual retreats in Portugal is this 6-day retreat on the stunning Algarve Coast.

Throughout the week, you’ll partake in yoga and meditation classes twice a day. You’ll also have access to group excursions to the beach, local farms, hiking spots, and more.

Your accommodation for the retreat is a luxury hotel with loads of amenities: a gym, steam room, tennis court, pool, spa, restaurant, bar, bike rentals, and more—not to mention 3 meals included each day.

This retreat is a great way to reconnect with your spirituality through yoga practice while also enjoying modern amenities.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Portugal.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats In Africa

white sandy beach flanked by palm trees and turquoise waters in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar is the ultimate paradise for a beachfront yoga retreat. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

10) 7-Day Idyllic Beach Yoga Retreat (Jambiani, Zanzibar)

If you’re looking for a yoga and meditation retreat in Africa, consider this 7-day retreat in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

You’ll spend a week in a true island paradise, practicing yoga while taking in stunning beach views twice a day. These sessions also include meditation, breathwork, mantras, and movement.

In addition to your yoga practice, this retreat includes a traditional drumming and movement workshop, a guided tour of the Jambiani village, a dhow boat sunset cruise, and visits to nearby villages to participate in grassroots activities.

You’ll stay at a small boutique hotel with tropical gardens, views of the Indian Ocean, and breakfast and dinner included each day.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Tanzania.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats In Asia

group of people doing yoga on the beach during a Shiva Shakti Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India
Practice yoga where it originated in Rishikesh, India. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

11) 12-Day Shiva Shakti Meditation & Yoga Retreat (Rishikesh, India)

Northern India, specifically Rishikesh, is known for being the birthplace of yoga.

If you’re looking for a spiritual yoga retreat, this 12-day retreat in Rishikesh is the perfect way to take your yoga practice to the next level and immerse yourself in the spiritual.

You’ll have one or two Hatha yoga classes every day and will take part in daily pranayama and meditation sessions. Your teacher is yogi Vimal, a local who spent a year living alone in a cave that only local babas know about.

The experience is the definition of a yoga meditation spa retreat, as you’ll also partake in mantra chanting, special ceremonies, massages, and excursions around Rishikesh.

The yoga retreat center features simple, ashram-style accommodations with private bathrooms.

All meals are included during this retreat, and it’s strictly vegetarian with vegan options available.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in India.

group of people standing on purple mats while surrounded by tropical plants on a spiritual yoga retreat in Bali
Embark on an emotional healing journey in Bali. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

12) 8-Day Emotional Cleansing Wellness Detox (Lovina, Bali)

This unforgettable yoga meditation retreat allows you to stay at a local retreat center offering sumptuous spa treatments, daily yoga practice, and immersive tours of Bali — a destination known for its spirituality.

One highlight of this retreat is they personalize your program. While everyone gets seven nights accommodation, daily meals, yoga classes, spa treatments, and Balinese cultural activities and workshops, their staff will work with you to create a program based on your individual needs.

Additionally, this retreat goes beyond yoga with offerings like an aromatherapy workshop for mental well-being, a shamanic journey and purification ceremony at a waterfall, and even the opportunity to snorkel with dolphins.

Note that if you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s wise to do some research into the best and worst time to travel to Bali, just to make sure it’s dry when you go.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Bali.

walkway lined with meditation stones and candles at night
Night view of Resorts Entrance. Photo courtesy of Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali.

13) Choose Your Path To Healing (Bali, Indonesia)

Four hours from Bali’s Denpasar airport resides Spa Village Tembok, Bali’s exotic black sand beach location that will instantly relax you.

Choose from Spa Village’s menu of ancient regional remedies, such as a Discovery Path emphasizing Balance, Creativity or Vigor with bespoke stress relief.

The Balance Path relaxes through soothing body wraps, massages, and calming activities like gentle yoga, guided relaxation, and leisurely walks.

Moreover, the Creativity Path inspires artistic expression through the beauty and colors of Balinese arts like lessons in woodcarving, basket weaving, drama, music, and dance. Lessons will be supplemented with creative yoga practice, meditation, and traditional Balinese treatments to inspire the imagination.

The Vigor Path renews your energy through movement and activity, building strength and stamina along the way.

This itinerary includes daily personal training, yoga, beach walks, spa treatments (make sure to do a Bali flower bath!), and options for outdoor adventure such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and white water rafting.

Don’t leave without experiencing a Massage Under the Stars, a candle-lit massage at the ocean’s edge after dark intensified by crashing waves, sea breezes, and a star-filled sky.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Bali.

14) 3-Day Yoga In Monasteries & Nature (Nepal)

Yoga, meditation, and appreciating nature are activities deeply rooted in Nepalese culture.

Your stay can include a 3-day retreat with pranamaya yoga, with a revitalizing program suitable for beginners or regular yogis.

You’ll practice yoga in Tibetan monasteries, eat local food, and even do a yoga trek.

Moreover, you’ll learn about yoga’s philosophical roots and how to use mindfulness to change your life.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in Nepal.

yogis bowing at one another on a spiritual yoga retreat in Cambodia
Enjoy a spiritual yoga retreat in Cambodia. Photo via BookYogaRetreats.

15) 6-Day Home cooked Vegan Food & Blind Massages (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

For an affordable vegan yoga retreat that supports the local community, try Hariharalya in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Every day features extensive yoga and meditation classes, with retreats offered continuously throughout the year.

These spiritual retreats specialize in vegan Cambodian food made by women in the surrounding villages.

After yoga, pamper yourself with a traditional spa treatment, including the Blind Shiatsu Massage — a specialty of Cambodia — where you’ll be walked on by a nimble blind man (the activity is organized by a nonprofit that works with the blind).

➡️ Click here for more information on this retreat in Cambodia.

16) Treetop Yoga & Asian Massage (Baa Atoll, Maldives)

Sonenva Fushi is a famous resort with an optimal location on the Maldives’ only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

You can do yoga in a treetop perch or try a Tibetan hot stone healing massage.

For a spa adventure, choose the multi-step Asian Fusion Journey, which starts off with a Maldives’ Kurumba Kashi coconut scrub and continues with a Balinese or Thai massage before ending with a blissful Indian head massage.

You can also enjoy countless outdoor activities — including sharing a sunset with eagle rays and dolphins at the overwater bar, volunteering at the Eco Centro recycling center, or identifying constellations with astrophysicists at the resort observatory.

➡️ Click here to learn more about this retreat in the Maldives.

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*Featured yoga retreat image via Jon Flobrant for Unsplash

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