Cocktail Trend: The Country’s Best Bartenders Are Concocting Satisfying Meaty Libations

Prosciutto and Mozzarella

Prosciutto and Mozzarella. Image via parisassoc.

You’ve heard of going for dinner and drinks, but what about going for dinner in drinks? The latest trend in the world of mixology is creating handcrafted cocktails featuring carnivorous bites. Want to try the trend for yourself? Here are Epicure & Culture’s top picks. And if you feel like staying in but are still craving meat and liquor, become a bartender and try one of the tasty recipes.

Prosciutto-Dusted Decadence

Beverage Director Jeremy Back at Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room in Beverly Hills offers the Bar & Dining Room cocktail made with Maestro Dobel, a fig shrub, with cracked black pepper foam and finished with prosciutto dust.


Candied Bacon Maker

At Charles Court at 5-Star, 5-Diamond Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs, Bartender Kirsten Schopen serves up a Candied Bacon Maker with bacon-infused Makers Mark, maple syrup, lemon juice and Applekorn Liquor, topped with a candied bacon slice and lemon twist garnish.


by Kirsten Schopen – Charles Court

2 ounces Bacon infused Makers Mark
1ounce Pure Maple Syrup
½ ounce Lemon Juice
½ ounce Applekorn Liquor

Par cook one slice applewook smoked bacon in oven at 425 degrees.
Dust bacon with sugar and reduce temperature to 375 so the sugar dissolves and melts into a candy coating on the bacon slice.
Mix all  of the liquid ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice.
Shake vigorously and pour into a rocks glass.
Garnish with Candied Bacon Slice and Lemon Twist


Duck Duck Duck Cocktail

At Chicago’s Storefront Company, Chef Bryan Moscatello serves up a Duck Duck Duck cocktail at brunch. This meaty delight is made with a blend of Monkey Shoulder scotch, kumquat syrup, Creole bitters and a skewer garnish featuring candied kumquat, duck confit, duck prosciutto and a deviled duck heart, finished with a lemon twist.


By Chef Bryan Moscatello

2 oz. monkey shoulder scotch
1/2 oz. kumquat syrup
2 dash creole bitters
1 ea. skewer with candied kumquat, duck confit, duck prosciutto and deviled heart
1 ea. lemon peel

Stir the scotch, bitters and syrup over ice until very cold.  Strain into a chilled double bucket. Twist lemon over drink and disregard the peel then place skewer across the glass.

Bocanova -El Vaquero

El Vaquero

In Oakland, California, Bocanova’s Bar Manager Stella Davies has crafted the El Vaquero cocktail with pisco, smoked paprika, beef bouillon, burlesque bitters and barolo chinato, garnished with beef jerky.


The Triple B

At retro-inspired The Original Dinerant in Portland, Pastry Chef Sally Bowers worked with the restaurant bar’s staff to create a “boozy shake”, The Triple B, which gets its name from its blend of bourbon bacon maple syrup, vanilla ice cream and bourbon, topped with a piece of candied bacon and whipped cream.

3 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 oz. Maple Bacon Syrup
1.5 oz of bourbon

Blend 3 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, 1 ounce of maple bacon syrup, (1 part bacon fat to 3 parts good maple syrup) and a shot of bourbon. Top with whipped cream and a piece of applewood smoked bacon.


Bay of Pigs

Also in Portland, the steakhouse Urban Farmer offers the Bay of Pigs, a hot cocktail with a Cuban influence made with Bacardi 8 year rum, Calisaya, maple syrup, fresh cinnamon, coffee and frothed milk, garnished with bacon.


1½ oz Bacardi 8 Year Rum
½ oz Calisaya
½ oz Maple Syrup
½ oz fresh ground cinnamon
3 oz fresh brewed coffee
1 to 2oz fresh whipped cream
1 piece candied bacon

Combine rum, calisaya, maple syrup, cinnamon and coffee. Warm with milk frother or warm on stove in saucepot. Pour into coffee glass. Top with fresh whipped cream and candied bacon.

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